Sunday, 23 January 2011

Quilt-a-long Cutting and block One

Ready to start, lets go!
You will need to cut your solid fabric first.  I am using Kona Snow.  Place selvedges together and cut 3 strips, each 12 and half inches long.  I use a 12 half inch quilter's square otherwise I can never get the accuracy!  Now cut 3 blocks from each strip 12 half inches square.  You should have 9 equal 12 half inch squares of solid fabric.
I put a flat flower pin at the top of each square so I know the grain is running top to bottom on all my squares.  I find this makes assembly of the quilt easier.  If you are not sure about grain lines and what it means, check here with Kim at True Up
I did a rough layout of the fabrics I am using for the centres.  These are all prints that work well when fussy cuts and should make good focal points.  Mine also relate to the family who will receive it- she will be the 3rd of three girls and they have a busy life, a dog and love a camping holiday- its all in those fabrics in some way!  Some of my scraps are already cut as that's how they were and some I have left.  I lay them out on a artists canvas- the only clean flat space I can ever find!  Taking a photo is useful for quick ref. later on.
Prepare at least 36 triangles.  For this, I cut 18 squares each measuring 5 and half inches and cut either diagonal to diagonal or just a little bit off the diagonal- you can see in the triangles below. You are going to need 72 triangles for all the stars so if you can cut them all now!
Your triangle fabrics need to have a good level of contrast with the solid so they don't disappear into it.  

First Block- the centre of the quilt.  This star is going to have a larger central and square and be a bit off the centre of the quilt.  Cut a horizontal strip from the bottom of the square 4 inches wide.  Then cut a vertical strip from the left side at right angles from the bottom strip  4 inches wide.
The next strips will make the centre square, cut 5 inches wide from the last strip horizontally and repeat vertically.  Your centre square should be 5 inches square.

The last strips should measure 3 and half inches wide.  Cut your fussy cut centre fabric to replace the solid fabric centre square.  You can now either audution your triangles or just go random.  To assemble the wonky star the best tutorial I have found is Victoria's at Boo Dily.  Big thank you to her!
Use a label- to pin on your first finished centre block.  Have a cup of tea and a sit down, back again soon!
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  1. Love your pink wonky star. The fabrics are beautiful. My quilting bee friend, Zonnah, did a similar block for a round of our bee. Here's a link to hers:

    I love seeing similar blocks but made with different fabrics. It changes the look so much.

  2. Blimey that was quick! Better get my skates on!!

  3. This is going to be fun. I haven't done wonky stars before. I am having trouble choosing my fabrics. :)
    Hopefully I will have them chosen tomorrow so I can make this block asap.

  4. Oooooo. Yes, PLEASE! I see cutting in the future of this naptime! :)

  5. I've added you to the list Becky!
    I recommend anyone takes a look at the link Anne has included, it is a single quilt block circle of wonky stars- very beautiful. I think I might do a cushion with that pattern after the quilt

  6. I am so glad you are doing this as I have wanted to do this star!

  7. The wonky star is one of my all time favorites. And now I am falling in love with it again - just LOVE your twist on this - sooo cute and fun!

    ; )

  8. This is so fun an contemporary. I lover your fabric choices and your directions and pictures are fantastic. Thank you!

  9. Actually I don't 'lover' your fabric choices - I only love them. ;)

  10. Ha ha Lettyb, I did think that was a little strange but i am very open minded!

  11. Kerry: I am so happy I found your web site. I am such a fan! I cannot wait to do these wonky stars. I am going to use the animals from the echino "frames" fabric for the centers. Would it be OK to post pics on your flicker group once I get some blocks done. I am brand new to quilting...Thanks!


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