Friday, 28 January 2011


Just a quickie post, I read in google reader this morning that Buttonberry UK online fabric shop is closing down, for happy reasons- 2 babies on the way!  All stock 30% off.  It is worth searching around this site in each category to find all the bargains- Moda charm packs- e.g. Nest, City Weekend etc, plus Lecien fabrics and range of patterns.  Work is calling me....back over the weekend with next quilt-a-long post
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  1. Thanks for the tip! I've just ordered the pattern I've always wanted: the Christmas tree from down under (Don't look now).
    And plenty of time to make it till next Christmas ...

  2. I love that pattern Betty! I so nearly bought it but went for a pile of Lecien instead!

  3. Hi, thanks for the sale tip, I managed to get some cheap Moda Hushabye to back my next quilt with.

  4. Love a bargain Kerry, thanks for the heads up!


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