Saturday, 1 January 2011


It was of course Ayumi's idea to make a set of coasters for Suzuko Koseki,  18 crafters each making a coaster, from 8 different countries.  It was like this last time you saw it but I completed it over Christmas.

It was backed, quilted and bound when I noticed a tiny mark.  I dampened it, added a tiny rub of Vanish, rinsed it and patted it dry.  When I came back to it the next day I could see a reddish glow in the corner.  
You can see a bit of the bleed, difficult to catch as the flash bleaches the colour but around the red loops and seeping into the binding is a distinct tinge of scarlet and this item is going to a fabric designer for whom I have huge admiration, I can't send her a substandard piece, even if it is her own fabric range at fault.  This, one of my favourite fabrics of all time, is the culprit.   It saddens me because I love it so much. Last night I washed each fabric I had used to make the original coaster and this one bleeds red dye and not just a little.  
Last night I remade the same thing all over again thinking there would be a post today and it would be shut Monday for bank holiday.  Post Office is shut both days as it turns out but still plenty of time to get to Japan.  Remaking was not what I had planned but time is running out for this and of course it cmae out better even if i did struggle to remember all that I did on the first one.  My original idea was a vintage type writer key but as I chose red and white it also echoes the Japanese flag.  The tiny bell is a sort of Suzuko Koseki trademark- Suzuko translates as 'bell'.  All the fabrics are by Suzuko Koseki.
A different back to the first coaster which had a vintage fabric backing but maybe this is better. I like the Made in England reference and there are a lot of button prints on the other coasters so it helps to have a family resemblance.  Check them out, they are going to make the most beautiful gift and each makes me smile at how it reflects creator's style. 
 I did work out some helpful hints to sew a really neat single binding for items like this so I'll put a tutorial up soon- great for mini quilts and mug rugs too.

I  am all for learning from my mistakes but it as a monumental pain in the backside.  I hate prewashing but I am going to wash all my unchecked reds with colour catcher sheets.  Lesson learnt.
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  1. You must have been gutted. The final thing is really fabulous though and tat back is wonderful. What a fun project - I can't wait to hear her reaction at the end of all this.

  2. Pain in the bum it may have been but the remake certainly hasn't done it any harm - it's gorgeous and would be a real pleasure to receive.

  3. oh I never prewash either! It looks absolutely gorgeous now though! There's something so simply beautiful about typewriter fonts.

  4. Oh my, it has never crossed my mind that Japanee fabric could ever bleed dye (I only pre-wash linen). Thanks for heads up, I'm going to be extra careful now1


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