Saturday, 22 January 2011

Quilt-a-long- button

I have a Quilt-a-long button for you- just a little one for the side bar of your blog-here you go!
I have tried without success to match this with a code which will take you to the Quilt-a-long page here, just under the blog header.  To add it to your blog, (this is going to refer to blogger, sorry wordpress users, hope you can work it out) .  In blogger dashboard, go to Gadgets, choose Picture, in the Image section click on From the Web and paste the photobucket code below.  You will need to delete the http:// that is already in the box or paste over it otherwise there will be two http bits and it won't work!

Now, copy this link to the Quilt-a-along page below

and paste into the Link box, again you will need to paste over the http:// that is already in the box or delete that bit first.  Click save and check that it works!
If you know how to generate a code for a blog button that will take the user to a specific page rather than the homepage of the blog, let me know, it has been driving me nuts! 
 Let me know if you are quilting-a-long as I will add your name to a blog roll on the side bar.
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  1. I'm in!

    Betty at

  2. Hooray! This will be my first Quilt Along, I hope to get started this weekend! I added the button to my sidebar!

    Looking forward to the Quilt Along!! Now off to search for fabric!


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