Monday, 17 January 2011

Catch ups

At a very rainy car boot sale I picked up a bit of sunshine- 4 vintage sheet pillow slips.  I love vintage sheets but I can't abide any polyester in the mix, I am a fibre snob, but these lovelies drying off indoors are all cotton!  Love that yellow/orange on amidst the pink.
Finally, at 40, I have my first decent pair of curtains, made by professional curtain makers- full length curtains are my sewing bete noire.  This may not make the most exciting picture but if I say 100 % linen, thermal lined, I'm guessing some of you may get my joy.

Doll Quilt swap 10 has kicked off proper,
I have my partner and someone has me.  All I can say to you partner if you are reading this, there is a whole load of info in my profile on Flickr, a gallery and an inspiration mosaic but deep down creativity and freedom rules!
DQS10 Mosaic
And a big thankyou to Julianna who nominated me for a Liebster:) b;log award, for crafty blogs with less than 300 followers, the idea of the award is to encourage more visitors and discover bloggers you may not have seen before, and do visit Julianna's blog first-so I pass onto 
Three fantastically talented crafters who need more recognition!
sib blog


  1. Thanks Kerry!
    I'm loving your linen curtains very classy and grown up. And I'm looking forward to see what you will make in the DQS!!

  2. Thank you so much, Kerry! I feel quite honored, and happy at the same time, lovely to have this award!

    Love your vintage sheets, I am in constant search for them myself and yes, cotton is just best of all!

    Have a lovely week, Kerry!


  3. Aww, what a sweet and wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning! And yes, I did swoon a bit over your curtains. Lovely.

    Love your new/old sheets - so lucky to have found 100% cotton.


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