Sunday, 7 November 2010

Shop and shopping

This picture can only mean one thing...
I have finally got my etsy shop running, click here to take a look, or find the button on the right.  It has taken me ages to set up but all sorted now.  I will only be selling a few things at a time,vintage tea towels at the moment, some vintage fabric to be added and then when my I have a bit more time and Lula takes herself to school I will put some makes on.  It is just a tiny shop, I'll see how it goes, don't exepct to making those millions just yet.
Some good finds at the carboot today, horsey horsey tin full of buttons and bits 

Super cute writing set from 1970s

 Furniture that I wish was life sized...
but is instead adorning the mantel above the fire

Couldn't resist this, even Lula and my husband (even more so) did not 'get it'.  I got it and I love it.

More sewing bits from a bust up old sewing basket, the singer scissors are particularly nice, still sharp.  Old wooden reels of thread with names like Eau de Nil and Napoleon.

Still some of the weekend left, make the most of it whatever you are doing x

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  1. Great boot sale finds.... I was thinking of going today but went out last night & didn't feel up to it!!! Off to check out you Etsy shop :)

  2. Loads of luck with your shop Kerry!
    Kandi x

  3. I am so happy for you, Kerry, and congratulations to your new shop! I'll be popping in often to see what beautiful things you'll have in there!

    Happy new week (and yippee, postmen ended their strike yesterday!) and many greetings from Finland!


  4. congratulations on the shop Kerry! it looks great! and what nice finds, i totally get the mini furniture.

  5. You always find best vintage things! I love, love, and love the kitchen stove! Your family might not have gotten it but I get it absolutely! :)


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