Monday, 1 November 2010

Hankies and a lot of birdies

Back to school work etc, clocks gone back, uninspiring weather and a pile of robin redbreasts to make for  music class, so time for a diversion into  vintage hankies.  I randomly found a cute linen hankie on ebay recently, it reminded me so much of Heather Ross prints, no one else seemed to want it so it was mine for £2.  
The designer is Faith Austin, 1950s/60s
I collect vintage hankies in a random when I see one type way. I don't go crazy searching them out.  Well at least I didn't until I discovered Tammis Keefe.  Did you click just them and take a look?  Would love just about any of hers.   Good vintage hankies don't come along very often . These are all thrifted car boot finds, some a little worse for wear but all washed and folded in a basket. They are not easy to display but I quilckly get attached to each one and they come out for a little stroke and admiration on rainy dark days.
I think this may be linked to a perfume or cosmetic line 'Pour le Rouge', all the red, mmn love it!
sometimes wear this as a neckerchief, not sure I can always carry that look off but I like it so ho hum...

This is bigger, more head scarf size- now that is a look I can definitely not wear.  Cute sporty print though- Skiing, boating, fishing- whilst wearing a headscarf of course!
This has to be my favourite, it is a little fragile, and small so I can't really wear it, but looking at it makes me happy (I am easily pleased...).
Now, after that very pleasant interlude, back to cutting out 13 fabric robins

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  1. Kerry, thanks for sharing photos of your collection. The Tammis Keefe hankies and scarves are wonderful! Joan

  2. I love a nice hankie.... does that make me sad? I can't wait til I'm old so I can wear head scarves, they would have to be big... you've seen my hair!! :)

  3. I'm so glad you introduced me to Tammis Keefe. I was just delighted to find that the only handkerchief I have happened to be hers. I love the last one too.

  4. Those are so beautiful, Kerry! I am in love with the last one, just looking it makes me happy too :)

    Happy Tuesday, no news from Postman yet ;)



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