Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I think I struck very lucky.  Yesterday I got my first Etsy shop sale!  A beautiful linen forest print tea towels is now flying over to the USA.  
This is a little sneak peek of a project I am making for a pre Christmas blog idea from Mia of Handmade by Mia.  She is going to host a series of makes for Christmas and this is mine.  It is a back view- the back always starts to look better than the front at some stage- and the fabric is from Windham fabric- Elsie's Kitchen.  On etsy, I think I came across the inspiration for this fabric- take a look
There is no such thing as a new idea, just constant reinvention!
I'll let you know when the Mia's set of makes for Christmas starts by take a look at the beautiful felted birds, bags purses she makes- I have already ordered something foxy from her for Christmas, I couldn't resist!
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  1. Yes, well done on the first sale! I love the look of your new make, looking forward to seeing it all done.
    Kandi x

  2. Well done on your first sale :)

  3. Hi Kerry,
    I've an award for you at Elusive Reveries if you wish to pick it up. It will give me a chance to share some of your fabulousness with my friends.
    Best ,
    Elise (Elusive Reveries)

  4. Congratulations, Kerry, for your first sale - there will be many more to come!

    And oh, I cannot wait too see that project from start to finish - thank you for making this for my Christmas-blogging!

    And so big thank you for the nicest things and the link to my shop - I hope you'll love the little fox when you meet him :)

    Happy weekend!



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