Thursday, 4 November 2010

Interesting Stuff for UK readers-and elsewhere too

I wasn't planning on a post today but I have just seen something so good I have to share.  On this link is an interactive video featuring a band called Arcade Fire- the track is pretty good but their video is magical.  If you are based in the UK, and maybe it works elsewhere too,  you can put in your childhood address and with the power of googlemaps it appears in the video.  Seeing where I used to live, my favourite house from aged 7 to 10 years moved me to tears!  I beg you to try it.

Another UK linky- Kate at m is for make (blog for her wonderful UK shop where I have been known to purchase some very nice fabrics) is aiming for 100 followers who will then be entered into a fabric bundle giveaway- Joel Dewberry, follow for your chance, it was 92 just now!
Back with mug rug progress and other bits soon x  Still recovering from the video...

*****I have since found the video works anywhere that google earth has filmed***
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  1. Thanks for the mention Kerry, not far to go!

    I've done that Arcade Fire video, it's amazing!

  2. It works in the US too and I would assume Canada (since they're from there). It's amazing.


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