Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Putting Away Childish Things

I am feeling much better, my head and neck have calmed down and although part of my forehead is a little frozen- lets say it is a little one sided too- this wears off quickly!  I am still recovering from the emotional fall out of watching Toy Story 3 on Sunday, Kids Club at the cinema.  Turned out the the whole front row in a small screen were all children I knew from school so I had to keep my not inconsiderable unemotional response watching Andy play with the gang just one more time stifled.  The children respond to different elements of the film but the adults want/need to watch the end credits and have time to hide their reddened eyes.  I am teary now- move on.

 I found these letter blocks at the carboot this week ( by the way,look at Badskirt Amy's uber cool very desirable blocks here)
And this great tray, wonderful colours and images- H is for Holiday maybe?
And a lucky ebay find- a pile of poodle hankies from USA which included Tammis Keefe- dogs.  It joins my collection.
There is a fabric line from Michael Miller inspired by Tammis Keefe coming up- see True Up for more info, I cannot wait for these!
And these cuties were in there too- not sure what I'm doing with these, maybe my shop?  We'll see.
Busy with Christmas sewing x
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  1. Oh, boy! I can't wait for that fabric. Esp. the dogs. Love the design, esp. the dogs. Must have!

  2. Interesting! I just got Toy Story 3 in the mail today! I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving to watch it but now I really want to watch it sooner!
    Thanks for the link to Michael Miller's new fabric info! Oh my they are SOOOO amazing!!! I want them all!!


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