Thursday, 18 November 2010

Gift of Loveliness

In my day job I teach music to very young children and I have been singing about the gift of loveliness (from the fairies to Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty).  It has been a hard week- I had my head injections on Monday.
Whilst I am enormously grateful for them and the relief they will bring, they hurt a lot and the pain and general down feeling takes a couple of weeks to pass.  But I have had some wonderful and thoughtful things in the post that really brighten up gloomy days of rain and sore bits.  This wonderful hoop from Sharon came yesterday as part of a Flickr Scrappy Hoop swap- I was so happy with it.
I listed kitchen themed fabrics in my likes (I cannot get enough of them) and Denyse Schmidt, and linen and Japanese fabrics- they are all there!   I am so impressed when someone I have never met takes the time out to research the swap and make such a great creation,  And obviously it must live in the kitchen- we all admired it as we had tea last night and ate the chocolate she included too.  You can see some of my kitchen fabric here, new on the left, vintage on the right.
I have taken a pic of these for a Flickr group called Fabulous Fabric Stacks- there is a discussion theme each week to pull out your fabrics for, these are for Dinner's Served.  Some of the left ha pile have come from Ayumi and I bought some more Japanese fabric recently with her help and her package arrived today. ( She has a Giveaway for Suzuko Koseki fabrics and Patchwork Style book going on now too)
This is always exciting as she puts extra bits in too. I send her vintage bits and bobs and selections from of my stash and we both see each others fabrics crop up in various projects which is fun.  Isn't this lovely?  Yuwa reprint of a vintage kitchen fabric, really heavy and wonderful quality.
and this, I would have curtains of this if I could afford it, also heavy and utterly beautiful- Kumiko Fujita for Yuwa.
 Gifts of loveliness- thank you x
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  1. I love the hoop, I love your kitchen fabrics - all looks so pleasant. Cooking in your kitchen must be great:)

  2. I'm sending positive thoughts your way! It's tough enough to be a teacher, let alone when "inside" stuff is going on too.

    Something I need to learn to do is to make sure that I take care of myself first so that I can be there for my students.

    Your fabric is super pretty - and a GREAT pick-me-up.

    Warm, happy wishes to you.

  3. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I used to work at a childcare. Being around children made me feel cheerful, but it was not so easy to work there when I was not feeling well because they (toddlers) wanted me to be always enthusiastic.
    I hope you'll feel better soon, Kerry!
    The hoop as well as those fabrics are really nice!

  4. Kerry, hope you are on the mend! Love your lovely fabric photos. You have a wonderful eye for color.

  5. I am quite lucky to have a number of the Japanese fabrics you have too! Warm wishes from Tokyo, Japan!


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