Monday, 2 August 2010

Kerry and the Machine Love

I have fallen in love with...

Isn't she beautiful- sewing machines are she aren't they?  Singer Featherweight 221K 1967-8.  A hint of mint green, not quite white and she runs like a dream.   I've just cleaned her up and she gleams.   A lucky ebay purchase from yesterday.  The seller was only 50 miles away so I drove to pick her up last night.  Comes with box, booklet and attachments.

Includes zipper foot, a bias binding foot- might be able to use to neatly bind quilts on the machine-  and a great little tool called a seam guide which screws into a hole on the right so you can stitch your seams to a fixed width- perfect for 1/4 piecing.  I think this will be its main purpose.  She is a beauty and a bit of a bargain- well sort of- thereby hangs a tale as sitting in the background, hidden like Prince John, is Black Beauty

There is no doubting her looks and capabilities...

however, she sews but can't stop- problem with the pedal I think and came with a bobbin but no case.  Singer Featherweight 221K 1952.  She cost more than the whitey one and was an impulse by it now again off ebay- I should've taken more caution- the seller had listed her fairly as untested and available for parts and spares.  So, there is a bit of off-setting to do as she is going back on ebay for a low price and a description so someone knows exactly what they are getting.   She will sell at a loss but she is a good project for an enthusiast.  I did find a load of vintage fabric yesterday at the carboot which I will also put on sale- hopefully that will cover the costs and the loss!

Bark cloth I think on the left and cotton with something manmade on right- each at least  approx 3 metres and lovely condition.

these are harder for me to give up- especially the left abstract bark cloth, it is so sunny and happy looking, but Damian is not a fan of this style and is rarely vocal about any other house aesthetic decisions- 50s style not his thing.  The one on the right is fun- I thought it was a dog driving the car but it is and old fashioned lady in a hat!  Cotton and lawn weight.  Love this too! But it will be sold.

Keeping these- they are only tiny 6 x 2 inches but lovely little samples- love the number stamp, odd how these little details catch your eye.  Great for mini log cabin.

This is cute and a keeper- an apron in a great print- it will be cut up, I have a lot of aprons already- but love the grey and the print.  I'll post up the ebay links when I get everything sorted- always takes ages- just incase you want a look (Links now on!)- fabric will be on sale internationally, the machine UK only.

A late extra edition, if you would like the chance to win a Singer Featherweight I found this on Film in the Fridge- help a great cause and win fabric and/or a Featherweight (USA only for the Featherweight)


  1. Oh I love the vintage machines they're beautiful. Ebay is lethal I just bought my first overlocker which I'm looking forward to using but it's no where near as pretty as those Singers.

  2. Oooh that machine looks fabulous, how exciting!

  3. How funny that you just posted about FW. Too bad the black one was bad. I've had this issue to by ordering on Ebay. They are quite easy to re-furb, do you know what is wrong with it? Good luck! :)

  4. I have a little green machine just like yours and she is my favorite! I named her Bonnie. I have two black Featherweights, but I love Bonnie the best (don't tell the other two....). I just left a comment on Film in the Fridge that the story I heard from a Featherweight dealer was that when Singer started to paint their machines white, the painting machine had previously held some green paint that didn't get completely cleaned out. So as they started painting, the first machines had a distinct minty green color, and then as more machines were painted, they gradually became less green and more white. Mine is definitely minty and she sews like a dream!

  5. Oh wow that new machine is beautiful I am Mint Green with envy :)
    Kandi x

  6. Those sewing machines look so vintage and nice! Sorry to hear the black one isn't very practical but I'm sure it is so nice to see those machines there at your crafting space! By the way your crafting space looks really nice with cutting tools hanging! Great idea!

  7. What a beauty. I love mine. The color on this one is fantastic.

  8. Your Featherweight is so pretty! It looks like it is in excellent shape and it is going to be so fun to play with. When I was at the quilt show a couple weeks ago, there was a Featherweight booth there. I get the feeling you won't have trouble finding a buyer for the black one.

  9. What a beauty!
    Excellent purchase!


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