Friday, 6 August 2010

Ing things

A parcel arrived from Ingrid of Ingthings from another giveaway that I won-I feel a little embarrassed  but I'd like to share and I beg you to visit Ingrids blog.  I have been following it for a while- she posts a lovely picture everyday of vintage things she has found or she has in her home and some quirky text- there is google translator as text is in Dutch.  She has a fun sense of style and beauty and I love to look at her daily image in google reader.

I knew I would love what she sent- we have  similar tastes I think- and I do.  An origami bird, a beautiful  large felt pincushion  with a cute card tag and a vintage Dutch postcard-  treats!  I am going to send her some of my  little memory cards and a pic to say thank you!

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  1. Great for you!!! You should not be embarrassed. I never win, I have that kind of luck. But I do love trying!!


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