Friday, 20 August 2010


We are off visiting relatives for a few days tomorrow and as ever I like to push it to the wire and squeeze as much in as possible before we go.  I have been sewing endless circles to get this baby quilt top finished

It was windy, rainy and getting dark when I took this but you get the idea.  All circles sewn in on the machine and the very smallest using the same method but by hand.  I am taking  some anchor perle and I am goings analog- (sewing by hand)- so I have a bit of crafty stuff to keep me going over the week.

I also thought I would do a last minute dye job on a horrible colour/style cashmere jumper so I could make wrist warmers and slipper socks for the winter.  Started off like this- such a bad colour!

and transformed into this

which I love and it is lightly felted for cutting up and sewing.  Unfortunately the seal on our elderly washing machine is the same colour despite bleach, hot wash and scrubbing.  Hmmm.  Just to squeeze more fun into today alongside working, packing and sorting out pets, I had a new piano delivered and our old one taken away- not an easy job in a small house, but the professional piano movers did a great job.  Here is the beauty- I know it isn't crafty or sewing but I do love her and she was a bargain, her previous owner did not really play her and she has a shiny bright sound!

A few days away so see you on my return.  I'll have access to my emails not online so much. 
Packing still to do ... x
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  1. Hah, just like me - essential packing has to include something to make while you're away!

  2. Love your circle quilt. It was a great choice for that Mendocino fabric.

    Have fun playing the piano!

  3. Lovely circles on the quilt top! How strange I too am in the process of dying some cream curtains into a lovely antique grey using the dylon dye so my kitchen looks similar with 2 ppacks of dye and a hug of salt standing by!! Have a lovely time away!

  4. Have a great holiday. I am a new crafter and blogger ( and surfing for inspiration and stumbled upon you. The circles quilt top is great. Been doing a bit of circles myself after finding inspiration on Etsy. I enjoyed my visit and will be back.

  5. Kerry, thanks again for the lovely gifts you sent me! Congratulations on that lovely Steinbach.

  6. Oh I love how you dyed your jumper! It's so much prettier now!! And the circles you worked on - just amazing. I am definitely using your method when I work on circle patches! Love the look!


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