Thursday, 12 August 2010

Thank you for lovely comments yesterday, I kept busy to keep thoughts from creeping in.  In fact I didn't stop either on the machine or the computer.  This project has been in my head like a crafting ear worm - (song that you can't get out of your head to the uninitiated).  I made a half log cabin wonky pot holder for a friend who has given me so many things and is an all round lovely.  She loves cooking so I put in lots of kitchen fabrics

On an aside, I spent ages working how to cut this image out from its background and I did it- if a little raggedy, I think I should've done something else so it has no background but next time I will nail that.  It is free photoshop type software on the oddly named Gimp. I used the magnetic scissors tool with this tutorial if you want to give it a try- warning it is a bit fiddly with a mouse.  

I made the potholder by drawing it out template style on paper first and then cutting round adding on seam allowances.  

Haven't done it this way before but I liked it.  A lot of prep initially but when it comes to sewing up, it is ready in minutes and you could reuse the pieces.  A little bit of masking tape reversed in a little sausage on the back of the paper pieces stops them moving when rotary cutting.

The backing is a bit of a carboot  find that I love.  I used a square spiral with 1/2 inch apart lines and used vanishing marker.  Nice and easy to do. And I had some matching thrift found plates to match!

Pot holder was inspired by this great find.

A Swedish translation from 1978 with so many great things inside and some stranger- quilted braille anybody?  There are odd copies for sale on Amazon

I will keep coming back to this book for more it is so packed full inspiration and ideas.

Enjoy today x

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  1. Love the pot holder, the vintage fabric was a great find.
    Glad you managed to keep busy.

  2. I love the potholder. Looks great. I did notice it seems your white balance is off on your camera though. The blue tint to your pictures would go away if you set your white balance back to auto or if you understand the different modes set it properly for whatever light source you're in. If you have any questions about it, you can email me.

  3. I love your potholder, Kerry! Love those kitchen prints together :D And the book seems like it is full of inspiration. The one, two, three, four quilt is so nice!


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