Saturday, 28 August 2010

Modern Swappers Parcel

Modern swappers has been a 3 month swap where you share your tastes/likes etc and your secret partner matches them up with fabric and crafted goodies.   I have sent mine to Joan and she was very happy with it.   The person sending a parcel to me turned out to be Amy (her blog is here) and I am over the moon with its lovely contents!  Just the wrapping took my breath away.  I am not the best at wrapping so I am very appreciative to get such pretty wrappings.

More than anything else I appreciated the time and care she put into her selection.  I can trace everything back to the likes/dislikes bit on the Flickr discussion and how she matched up my love of vintage and modern.  I am so impressed!  In the little parcels I found great texty fabrics, Anna Maria Horner Good Folks and Kona Charm squares (never even seen these before, the UK is a hard place to find Kona apart from online).  

I think I will use the black/white courier font fabric first, love it!

She made a really pretty linen and hexies cover for my Singer Featherweight.  It fits beautifully.  I left a comment on this in the Flickr pool as I thought it was cute.  I also noticed it was small and yet still didn't guess it was for me!  She sent the vintage pitcher- hand blown glass!  It has my tall skinny sewing bits in but it may travel to the kitchen for flowers when needed.   It will look stunning with Narcissi in spring.   The book behind the pitcher is a delight of vintage projects, like a Singer wall hanging

 and soft cubes, I especially like the house and ketchup designs

These Norman Rockwell lithographs are such a thoughtful thing to include and the fabric repro mini print is incredibly sweet!  I love the Americana of these, something I could never find in the UK.

I cannot say enough thankyous to Amy!  thank you thank you thank you

If you fancy taking part in Modern Swappers the next round of signups are coming up on Flickr.  I have really enjoyed this swap, the admins run it so well- it must be such hard work- and I have enjoyed looking at all the sneaky peek pics of what might be sent.  I will have great memories of this swap x

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