Monday, 30 August 2010

Last of the holidays

The last bank holiday weekend before Christmas and beautiful weather.  I worked on a Bee (a little bit) Japanese bee block yesterday- theme of "Wonky Town" and finished it this morning before 10.  I played with the fabrics first, what goes with what- they are pretty small pieces so I needed to be careful

 drew out a design, added some extra fabric

I use photo mount squares- double sided stickies to hold the paper whilst I rotary cut these out with seam allowances

I look at this point and have a few doubts- too late.  It stitched up OK, I added a bird although it looks like the house has two chimneys!  Hmm...

On the second block there will be a lot of veggie garden, a self sufficient house as there is lots of solid green left.  I like the house bit in the middle, unsure about the rest.  

I needed sea today.  We are less than 30mins from a lovely pebbly beach, even on bank holidays it is  quiet and the colours are very calming.

Can you spot a small dog's nose in this pic?

Despite the warmth, Lottie did not settle the whole time, she wants a constant game of fetch the stone- we throw one, she brings it or a completely different one back; repeat

You can see the crazed look in her eyes!

Enjoy the late summer sun x
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  1. wow, the block looks awesome!! you are so fast! i haven't even got my fabric yet and you are already half done! great job on this block, can't wait to see what you'll do with the veggie garden!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is adorable! And I'm so glad to see how you did it. I never would have thought of the photo stickers, but that is a great idea and since they are acid free, they wouldn't damage the fabric at all.

  3. the patchwork really looks very wonky! Very nice!^___^

  4. The house is just too cute! Especially with the two girls standing by it!


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