Thursday 2 September 2010

Wonky self sufficiency house

Wonky block number 2 for Paula 

Looking at the pic this could so with a better press but I am happy with it.  I did the garden free form and the house from drawing out a paper template.  My top tip is to make the block an inch bigger than you need to, even then when I trim it down it is often a teeny, tiny bit skant- only the tiniest bit I promise Paula!  I finished this before we left for a final holiday day trip to...

No photos allowed inside do landscape pics only! Located on the outskirts of the Georgian city of Bath, UK in the most beautiful setting and is a great museum, fully recommend a visit.

Family friendly, interesting, detailed and a whole load of beautiful quilts to admire.

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  1. I have read so many books staged in Bath. I 'd love to visit there. That block is adorable!

  2. your bee blocks this month are so amazing. i'm kind of intimidated to start now, because i'm going to be comparing mine to yours in my head the whole time!

    p.s. i want to be in the lovely British countryside :(

  3. I am very, very slowly just starting to make plans to move to Bath (possibly!)I haven't been to the American Museum yet but I can't wait to visit it!

    Another gorgeous block with amazing details! Kaelin, I agree - I haven't made my own blocks yet and I am wondering how I can make them as special as Kerry's!

    I have kept back a large piece of the green oakshott to use for sashing/borders/binding/backing depending on what works best so any blocks that are a bit teeny can have a border of it seeing as it is the fabric that ties everyone's together. I just about pee myself with excitement thinking about this quilt at times (TMI, sorry!)


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