Saturday 25 September 2010

Going through the google reader catching up I was surprised to read my blog name for a Versatile Blog award from Lynda at Hookin' with LaaLaa.  

I don't know where this originates from but the I give a  big thank you to Lynda, and now I have to drum up 7 interesting facts about myself.

1. I have Botox injections to prevent migraines.  Four in my forehead and six in the back hairline of my neck very 6 months.  Yes they hurt- 10 injections in one go makes you brace yourself just a little- but it works and I am very grateful for them.

2.  I am a rubbish traveller and wish I was better.  In my head I would like to go everywhere but in reality I have only been to Paris when I was 17 and Amsterdam at 32, both of which I loved.  I am working to improve this.

3.  I once did a presentation to buyers at Topshop as a knicker designer- the sort that you buy on offer 2 pairs for £6. 

I was not successful- it is all about bottom line, excuse the feeble pun, and the company I was with couldn't compete with China.

4.  Apart from needing to sew and make things to stop...

I also need music.  I can play- with varying degrees of success, piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar and recorder.  I love listening to music, like a good aroma it can take you to a time and place and everything is unchanged- hearing Jeremy by Pearl Jam on the radio did that to me last weekend.

5.  Vintage fabric does funny things to me, especially if I find it in a thrifty, bootsale sort of  place, better than any alcohol or drugs.  I get serious withdrawal symptoms.

6.  I was introduced to  Nina Simone after a gig in Wolverhampton in the 1990s, shook her hand and ate a meal with the band.  This was a serious incident of hanging on to my sisters coat-tails and I can't believe it ever happened.

7.  I have worked with children of various ages for a long time. The thing they want from you most of all is your time- playing board games, going to the park, eating a picnic- all that counts for so much more than money.  Sounds a little whimsical and trite but true.

Thank you to the Graphic fairy's wonderful blog for the vintage lady/scarf and the Alice in Wonderland image.

I am passing the Versatile blogger Award love on to...
take a visit to their lovely blogs, and they can take the award if they want to continue it.

This was post number 99, you know what that means.  Be back next week for a giveaway- vintage kitchen inspired x


  1. The thought of migraines sounds bad enough, but all the injections to help with them sounds even worse. Ouch!

    That little swatch of vintage fabric is just delicious looking!

    Thanks for thinking of me.

  2. I also suffer from migraines, but not nearly enough to merit injections! You poor thing! I get one maybe 5 or 6 times a year, and I think I'd have to go out back and shoot myself if I got them any more frequently than that. I don't have your kind of mettle ;)

    ...and I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MET NINA SIMONE!!! I didn't meet her, but feel as if I did because I know someone that got to have dinner with her. I always have Feelin' Good, Sinnerman, and Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood on my iPod shuffle. Always.

    I'm so jealous right now.

    P.S. Thanks so much for choosing me as one of your five! I've never gotten any kind of blogging award, big or small :)

  3. Kerry, Wow you met Nina Simone ~ awesome! I am so sorry you are having problems with headaches. If I could do something to take the pain away, I would.....

    Congratulations for your musical accomplishments. You are an artist on so many levels.......

  4. re: headaches.
    When my naturopath put me on an elimination diet, I did not lose weight but I did have less headaches. I went to the food allergy doctor who told me that headaches were the number one symptom of food allergies.
    (40 years and no one else said anything about this link). I experienced multiple types of headaches on top of each other.
    Five years later, following quite a strict diet regimen, I have very few headaches and most are because I fell off the wagon and ate things I shouldn't.
    Headaches not being the same as migraines - it's something to look into.


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