Sunday 19 September 2010


Finally, I got my own block finished for Ringo Pie bee, a box of vintage thread spools, I think all sewers have a box or a jar of these, you can see one of mine in my header pic.  This has been one of those things I had in my head but it took me a while to get it all done.   I used freezer paper and pieced all the bits together so that each spool was a mini block.   Damian is now fully trained in rotary cutting and as each bobbin is at least 5 pieces it really helped- he even managed to keep his fingers intact- he can be a bit blade happy with a scalpel (paper cutting not self harming) at times.    There's a bit of new fabric-a bit of In the Kitchen by Alexander Henry, some given- the bobbin fabric is from Ayumi, some stash and some vintage.  

Let's hear it for the piecing thread YLI soft touch- threads don't often get a mention- it's all about the fabric, but this is great for piecing, it is thin but strong enough and allows me to piece with small stitches without losing bulk to the seams.  I need all the help I can get with accuracy!

Block for Kerry

Ayumi knows what I like and it all comes through in this block- kitchenalia, vintage fabrics, text, and so many of her likes to- she is representing the international element of our bee by the embroidered labels-  I love it!  You've got to read the story behind this block- a funny tale of milk cartons and soap!  Click here   She has two new cute projects and pics of her fabric stash in the new Stitch magazine, you can see more on her blog here.  There are some great contributions in Stitch from other designers, especially Kevin Kosab of feed dog designs.  He has a great tutorial on his site for making a mini all purpose applique board.

UK readers- you can buy this from a UK supplier, The Contented Cat, I have bought all my issues from them and they are very helpful, this copy came the next day.

Thank you to all who wished my hands and arms well, they are on the mend x

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  1. So much fun! I love your spools and Ayumi's kitchen scene. Really adorable!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful post! I'm in Awe of the beautiful spools of thread quilting blocks you've done. I especially love the sheer whimsy of it all...Beautiful!


  3. Like I said on flickr, I am totally in love with your spool block! Looking at it makes me just smile, because I just love every detail of it! Thank you so much for your sweet words about my block, but I like yours much more!

  4. hi, thanks for the info on The Contented Cat. I've been looking everywhere for the Stitch magazine. :)
    I'me coming over from flickr pool where you put up your wooden blocks of books ;)

  5. i adore this block. i was wanting to make a spool quilt for a friend and was wondering if you made up the blocks yourself or if you got them somewhere? i tried a few test blocks and im having trouble matching the top and bottom rows to the center "spool"
    any help would be appreciated

  6. I love the spool block. Hope you don't mind that I've Pinned it


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