Thursday 16 September 2010

Vintage Lovelies

A little pile of vintage lovelies to look at.  Bought these in the last week and the pink animals piece was in a cupboard clear out at a church! Tea towel is already in use.  I love the sun shining through it

Nearly weekend, enjoy the rest of your working week!
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  1. Lovely fabric, I really like the animals on the second one..
    Did you start drawing in your sketchbook of the sketchbook project?

  2. Gorgeous. I love the one with the squirrel on it.

  3. Lovely - the animal's are my favourite :)

  4. You find the best vintage stuff! The squirrel with a flower(?) is so cute!

  5. So beautiful finds!! I am in love with the second one but would love to have all of them :) I love thrifting too but haven't got this pretty finds lately.

    Happy weekend!


  6. Absolutely fabulous fabric, particularly the one with the cute animals, so evocative of childhood in the sixties


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