Friday, 30 July 2010

Busy Bee

I have been getting my online sewing duties finished today.  I made some mini bunting for my Modern Swap partner as a decorative extra, completed before breakfast yesterday and packaged today.  Most days I wake early so might as well sew.

I have made and bought everything for this.  Next, some quilt blocks for Bee a little bit Japanese.  I love doing these as Jennifer's fabrics are of such a great quality , lots of linen cotton blends, as well as lovely prints and a subtle subdued palette.  I love the brown with beige polka dots.  I got into windows and doors when I was sketching what to do- the theme is straight squares and rectangles and is inspired by a Kaffe Fasset design, look at one of the inspiration pics here

I'm happy with them.  They took a while to do but partly as most blocks are new to me.  I do wonder how the people lots of bees cope,  impressive sewing stamina.  I need to sew a variety of things  

Now, a cool find, thrifted? No. Expensive? No.  

Free with a pack of Bodyform- yay Bodyform, made for you!

In the meantime my sewing machine threw a tantrum and wouldn't stop sewing- even with no foot on the pedal- spooky and just a bit dangerous.  In the two days whilst getting it fixed, I realised I needed a spare.  I knew what I wanted.  Watch this space, I found one...

Have a great weekend x


  1. like how you've done those blocks. :)

  2. I love that window block - I may have to keepo that in mind and copy it some time!

  3. The blocks are quite pretty and so the bunting. You are amazing really, waking up early and straight to the sewing machine! Well done!!


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