Sunday, 18 July 2010

Birthday weekend 1

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Not mine, but my lovely partner Damian's birthday.  We have been together 17 years and he gets better all the time!  Lula had prepared a birthday tray with a Manga style Top Gear themed card - he doesn't even drive but he likes the silly challenges on Top Gear and they watch it together- and matching birthday goodies.  

The Sylvanians represent real people, time for their close up...

Very funny, especially choosing the panda for Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond mouse being noticeably smaller than the other characters!  She is a funny girl x

I bought Damian a  grrrr 'man' present- big technic lego

and for his softer soppier side, a Rob Ryan key just to have because it is so beautiful

If you are not familiar with Rob Ryan, I beg you to check out the link and look at his website, shop and blog.  His work is primarily paper cut but has been used on fabrics, prints etc and is heart achingly gorgeous.  Lula's birthday next weekend, it is birthday season for us!


  1. Happy Birthday to Damian! I love his breakfast tray. That key is beautiful I will look into Rob Ryan, thanks for the link.
    Kandi x

  2. Very sweet and creative presents!!!

    Thank you for sharing Rob Ryan's website. I had seen his work previously but never searched for his website.


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