Saturday, 10 July 2010

Needle Case

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I am taking part in an international Applique Needle Case Swap.  It is closed now but there is a free pattern that available if you want to make it.  I got my swap partner's details yesterday.  She likes muted antique style patterns and colours so making this was an exercise in restraint to hopefully make a case to her taste!

I did attempt hand applique using freezer paper but it was too fiddly for me to master and my hands can't take lots of tiny pinch movements needed to turn the edges.  I was also making a complete fist of it so I went for what I know- heat n bond lite and machine applique.  The flower fabric is a repro fq from my trip to the V and A and most of the other fabrics are from a Japanese sweetie bag of bits I bought from a quilting show a few months ago, lovely quality and very gentle colours.

I always like to use text fabric if I can and this was a suitable delicate print, I think it is by Lecien.  The tape holders are an idea from Sew Darn Cute,  a great book with simple but cute ideas

A bit more text on the back- this is the first time I have used one of my labels- it doesn't like the iron, I had to be careful!

I pressed the binding when I did the mitred corners- I usually just use my fingers but it made a big difference, my corners were much better than usual!  I also managed diagonal seam joins without doing it wrong- I have a bit of a mental block about which way the diagonal goes- often needs unpicking.  I did however manage to bang my head on a metal curtain rail that was waiting repair- too much concentration on binding- I have a bump and a visible red/purple mark right on the forehead, it will look good as it changes colour!

My computer is going to the Apple shop for some repairs- we don't like to be separated.  Hopefully it will be brief but just Damian's laptop to be going on with and I don't like the little cursor pad.  I suppose I  will sew more in the time I save not looking at blogs and pictures and all the lovely things you all make!  

Back soon xxx


  1. That is sew darn cute :)!!!!

  2. That's a very sweet needle case and I am loving your labels. The print looks really crisp!

  3. That is so cute, I lvoe the tape measure tape and I have to try those pressed mitred corners. I also have to add you to my UK blogroll so I keep up with you more regularly!

  4. What a lovely needle case!!!! Your finishing touches are so professional.
    The flower is quite pretty and I do like the Liberty fabric that you got at the V&A museum, I got a key chain with it. :)

  5. ...and thank you for adding me in your links :)

  6. I came over from Flickr. Oh this is beautiful - I love the fabrics you chose!!

  7. Ohhhh, Kerry, I just recieve my needle pocket, is is lovely !! totaly my colrs and fabrics, thank you very much! I see that you like another fabrics and colors, so cute how to made you it special for me.
    Again: thanks a lot!!

    Warm greetings, Jeannet


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