Monday, 26 July 2010


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I am having a lovely day with Lula making lots of bits and pieces.  She has just finished this

So cute.  She started this last school holidays.  It is very much her own work.  All the little cutouts are from a dollhouse supplies catalogue. The tin is approx 3.5" x 2.5"

It was her 10th birthday on Saturday.  We gave her a much longed for dolls house

The furniture will come gradually but she had a bathroom from my sister so requested a tiny bath mat.

More furnishings to come, curtains, quilts etc- good way to use scrappy bits.  Much better than making full size curtains- one of my least favourite sewing jobs.

I saw this on Lily's Quilts yesterday and made a couple of blocks with suitably masculine blue/grey fabrics asap, they are leaving today.  Follow her links if you want to Kick Trudy's ass 

Now to make circles, tutorial coming, the technique is fantastic!


  1. A dolls house--a girl after my own heart!! Love her little tin, so cute;)

  2. What a fabulous dolls house. One day she has to come and visit my mum's house in Hertfordshire who has three dolls houses! And a fourth is on its way. I cross stitched her an art deco rug for the art deco house when I was in hospital for three months waiting for my twins to be born (don't ask but they're 8 and totally fine now after an early entry into the world...!). And I love her little tin with the doll in. AND I love your Trudy kick blocks too!

  3. Wow I love her tin! Every little girl (and big girls for that matter) should have a dolls house I love them.
    Kandi x

  4. wow thats nice i love it so cute


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