Wednesday 14 July 2010

Pincushion caddy- tricky

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Since I saw it in Anna Maria Horner's book Seams to Me I have wanted to make the Pincushion caddy.   I have made one for my Modern Swap partner but I am not quite happy with it.  It requires surgery!

You can see the puckers where there is just not enough stuffing- this section was furthest from the opening.  When I make the next one, I left 2 openings at opposite sides to avoid this.  Seamripper out for this one.

This is a tricky pattern.  These things help.
  1.   I used Melanie's (Texas Freckles) great customiser download which helps to get the inner tube and the circles the right side.
  2. Two openings (see above!)
  3. zigzag to finish off the top and bottom of the ball shape- makes all the joining up easier and maintains the shape through the turning through stage.  Also zig zag the seams that make the stuffing gaps- separately not together- this makes the hand stitching easier- no frayed edges.
  4. I didn't use interfacing- only because I couldn't find my heavyweight stuff- I used plastic canvas.  You need to allow enough width in Melanie's calculations to overlap to make the cylinder and inch for a half inch overlap works well..  Otherwise it will look like this!  I learnt the hard way needless to say. I even thought the fabric would hold it like this and almost finished the caddy until I realised that it needed to come out.

I learnt the hard way needless to say. I even thought the fabric would hold it like this and almost finished the caddy until I realised that it needed to come out.  When overlapped the plastic canvas  holds up really well to the pressure from the stuffing and when it comes to attaching the tube lining and bottom inner circle it is great for stitching on to with hidden stitches and keeping everything in the right place.

It was a challenge but it is rewarding in the end. This one is in one of my parner's favourite colour combos

Couldn't resist a bit of text and ornamentation

I then decided I needed one too- bit of a way to go yet...


  1. Oh that is gorgeous! Is the book worth buying?

  2. Tey sound like a huge colossal hassle but I do really love them - if I ever make one, I will come back here for your top tips!

  3. This looks great. I want to make one every time I see another gorgeous picture of this caddy. But every one complains it's such a faff and the pattern needs so much adjustment so I keep putting it off.

  4. I borrowed Seams to Me- it has some lovely ideas- I think this is ingenious even if the pattern has its downsides. I also made taxi tote but I didn't want to make much else- it depends on your experience level, a lot of projects are good for beginners

  5. That looks lovely yet a bit tricky indeed ;) but I really would love one too. I´ll see if the book can be found in my local library! Thank you for sharing these tips and ideas, Kerry!

    Happy weekend!


  6. You have done a great job! I have the AMH book and have been contemplating doing this pin cushion. Interesting to read your comments about it! I would love to know what you thought of the taxi tote too! Danielle x

  7. thank you! Danielle, the taxi tote is very straight forward. You do have to make a lot of bias strip binding for it but with a binding tool that would be quick and easy. There is a pic in my flickr from a while ago here is the link!

  8. What a fantastic project! I must dig out AMH's book and get on with it! It looks a little bit tricky to make but I love challenges like this that turn out into pretty things.

    Have a lovely week :)


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