Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sweetie Shop Block

I am in a new bee on Flickr,  Patchwork 318- a little bee, just 6 of us and all the blocks come from Kumiko Fujita's endlessly inspiring 318 Patchwork book.
This is out of print but I have seen copies on Amazon Japan and sometimes Etsy.  Ayumi had the first month and her theme was anything to do with a sweet shop with a request for 6 inch finished square blocks.  I went for a Hansel and Gretel style sweet shop/cottage.  

I didn't have many sweetie fabrics but through a number of swaps and presents I do have some from Ayumi including the cookie print that made the main part of the house.  The red/white stripes and gingham are vintage, text fabrics are Suzuko Koseki and the green is Alexander Henry Farmdale range.  
There are no instructions in the book so I scanned the pic, rotary cut what I could and used freezer paper templates for the roof.  As the block is already designed the enjoyable bit is choosing the fabrics to make the theme work, great fun, I loved doing this one!
We're off to the beach this afternoon- summer seems to have bypassed the UK but sometimes I just have to wrap myself in a quilt and look at the sea to feel calm.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend x
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  1. I'd love to take a look at that book as I adore this little house! Enjoy the calm of the beach.

  2. too cute!! The cookie fabric is perfect for the main of the house. I love the cakes and sweets chimneys. Excellent block!
    How much did you have to enlarge the pattern by? I'm a bit stumped as to how to get the 6" block size.

  3. Your house looks good enough to eat.

    I am afraid that your summer got stalled out in Texas. I'd be glad to box up some heat and send it to you....if I could figure out how.

  4. Cute, challenging, fun - great combination!

  5. Ooooooh! This looks amazing, well done you :-) I have that book, its so inspiring :-)

  6. I love this block! She chose a great theme and you rocked the execution. I am also concerned about getting the block to the right size. I'm counting on a lot if trial and error!

  7. I Love it Kerri. I've been checking the post every day hoping to get my book ! Hope you had a good time at the beach. We Seattlites have had very little summer, too. I'm taking my boys to swim lessons all week at an outdoor pool!

  8. This block just so sweet like you, Kerry! You always come up with the most clever way to use fun prints! A house with the cookie print is completely unexpected and I love that! It makes me want to knock the door and see what's going on inside the sweet shop!

  9. Soo cool!! I love little houses but this one is the most!! Perfect!

  10. the fabric choices for this block are just perfect. do you think anyone would mind if i tasted just a corner of the house? i'll try not to take too big a bite...


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