Monday, 28 March 2011

Pillow Party

Blogger's Pillow Party
I am hoping I am just in time for March Pillow Party over at Stitched in Color!  I finished this over the weekend for my nephew's 6th birthday next weekend.  I started with the print in the middle, 'Tasty Retreat' by Michael Miller.  I wanted to show his love of the outdoors; camping, exploring, messing around.  A log cabin style seemed to fit in with this nicely!
Possession is important when you are 6 years old, hence the property stamp- Versacraft ink again.  The other prints relect his interests- Lush dots for paint, a bit of Kumiko Fujita for the essential foods in life- biscuits, milk and cereal, and the other prints are for the outdoor life- wood, water, frogspawn- was my train of thought.

For the straight line quilting I used this rod thing that came with my walking foot to see how it worked.  I have not tried it before.  Great results, very straight lines but you can only quilt one way, maybe I have missed something here, I like to stitch in alternate directions for straight line quilting. 
  I also used the stitch in the ditch foot for my label following a tip I saw on one at Melissa's post as part of March of the Tools participants- it sews right to the edge of the label with ease.I loved this technique!  So easy and so useful.  I will be using this for top stitching on clothes and for stitching pockets down.
More tools, I found a great new chalk pen, the Signet marker, with loads of different colour refils at a quilt show on Friday.  The vendor got it out of the packet and showed me how good it was, less than £10, I was impressed! I used this for the first quilting line and to put in a lapped zip.  I used the sewing machine maintenance brush to remove it, worked a treat.  You can buy it in the UK with the same seller, Pauline's Patchwork, they have an excellent pen and marker selection!
I have been looking for something like this for ages, a good purchase with all the colour options and refillable too so no waste.  Nice and pointy too, the chalk sharpens with a pencil sharpener for a precise line.

I am sure Ted doesn't read my blog so I haven't spoilt his surprise!  He does love cuddly stuff so it should be well received, and a portable box of watercolour paints too so he can paint on the go.
Have a great start to the week x
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  1. Wow that cushion is great Kerry!! Love the colours! I've ordered some of that ink over the weekend - thanks for the tip off!

  2. What a GORGEOUS pillow! I love the colors, love, the fabrics, love how you put his name on the front! Lucky boy.

  3. love those colors! this pillow is perfect!

  4. so cool! and the stamping makes it that much more special. the colors are great!

  5. Adorable pillow Kerry! Your nephew will love it!

  6. I love your fabric choices. Darling pillow!

  7. Thank you all, esp Liz and Randi- couldn't find your emails x

  8. Gorgeous cushion! I've just found your blog via Lily's Quilts, and am really enjoying looking around. :-D Weirdly our blogs have similar names, and we both have a list of UK fabric shops.. I swear I've never been here before, lol! But will add you to my Google reader right now...

    That chalk pen looks fantastic - thanks for the tip.

  9. Lucky boy that Ted!! You've made my weekend cushion efforts look v. poor!

  10. I love the way you combine orange and aqua. There is something so fresh and original about. Your nephew will love this for sure!

  11. I love the pillow that you've made - beautiful and lots of fabrics that i've never seen before too. I love the central one with the icecream and camp fire on.

    I also love your printing - I followed the link to where you bought the ink, but where did you find your letter stamps? I love the lettering.

    I also followed your link to the stitch in the ditch foot! How wonderful.

    Oh & the chalk pen - I've had one of those for a few years, but my one didn't come with a pencil sharpener as part of the kit - how fantastic - I had no idea that I could sharpen the chalks. Lawks, Kerry, what an incredibly informative post - you have illuminated several areas that I didn't even know were in the dark before arriving here! x

  12. Oops, sorry, it appears to be a rather long sort of comment - I didn't intend to write a blog post in your comments section. x

  13. that is what that straight rod thing is that came with my walking foot. I have 2 but never knew what it was for! I love the pillow (and the stamp that is so clever)!

  14. I bet Ted will LOVE it. And, you're right about the importance of "possession". HAHA. I have a 6 year old too. Thanks for entering!

  15. I've been wondering what on earth the rod that came with my walking foot was for too, so thanks for clearing that up. Now, if i can just remember where i put it, i'll be able to put it to good use.

    The cushion's gorgeous. I've never tried quilting, but having followed your blog for a few weeks, am very tempted to give it a whirl.

  16. Wonderful cushion, Kerry! Just perfect! And I love the personalized touch with stamping!

    Happy, sunny and crafty week!


  17. Lucky Ted, that cushion is lovely! :) x

  18. It is funny that sewing machine companies put the rod in with your machine feet and don't give info on how to use it! I checked all my machine leaflets and nothing, yet it is a useful piece of kit!

  19. I can use the rod to quilt the other way on my Pfaff, though it isn't as effective, since you are flipping it up-side-down and you only have the tip to guide by instead of the length of the arm - if that makes sense.

    For straight-line quilting quilts that are small, I usually find it is faster to just cut the thread and start over again from the same side each time, vs. re-setting the little arm to the right width.

    I love that tool though! My old machine didn't have on, and I would tape a toothpick to the machine to use as a guide. It worked ok... :)


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