Wednesday, 16 November 2016

#Simplesampler QAL Strings Block & a Couple of Tips

This weeks #simplesamplerqal, block is a strings block - a great introduction to foundation paper piecing.  You can find my tutorial at the Sewing Directory.  It's easy but takes a while, depending on the width of the strips.   For this version, my strips were skinny as I was using up scraps.

Removing the paper is fiddly and a small stitch certainly makes it easier but I have another couple of tips for you.  
  1. Start from the  triangular corners and work inwards to the strip in the centre which is the first strip to be added.
  2. Instead of ripping the paper from the edges of the block which are on the bias and will easily history, instead, tear the paper from the centre and then tear outwards.  This places much less strain on the weakest parts of seams- the start and end.


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