Wednesday, 9 November 2016

November at Village Haberdashery

I think it's time to think about Christmas making, I had all my Christmas fabrics out yesterday to plot some decor ideas for work so for my visit to Village Haberdashery I'll be looking at seasonal fabrics and ideas.  I have an unashamed love of Christmas novelty prints from the subtle wintery whisper prints to the familiar Christmas motifs in red and green!

From left to right, row by row:
  1. Juniper Berry- Reindeer Games in Winter vanilla
  2. Cosy Christmas- Recipe in red.  There's a brilliant free tutorial on the shop blog on how to make the domestic goddess retro apron too. 
  3. Holiday - Corny Cane in Green.  Wonderful retro themed Christmas collection of prints from Michael Miller including these candy canes on the perfect Christmas green background.
  4. Holiday- Fawn Memories in Cream
  5. Dashwood Twist.  A modern basic in a wide range of colours (over 20!)- choose exactly what you would like with the build-a-bundle option.
  6. Lore - Fable Forest in Grey.  Subtle wintery print by Leah Duncan and printed on organic cotton.
  7. Sevenberry Penguins. Novelty print on lovely quality cotton. Penguins are 8cm tall. Suitable for dresses like the Emery dress or for quilting.
  8. The Emery dress.  If you want to use any of these fabrics to make a fun Christmas dress, the Emery dress designed by Christine Haynes is a classic, basic fit and flare style with long sleeve options for colder weather.  In-seam pockets are included and there's a ribbon that can be added too.   It works well sewn in quilting cotton, poplin or even flannel  (see those links for brilliant sewing blogger Emery dresses) and is a very versatile pattern. 
  9. Winter Essentials III- House in red

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  1. I cut out a Christmas skirt yesterday! A bit excited actually. Jo x


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