Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Autumn Leaves Go Anywhere Bag

I've made many bags over the years and almost all of them are from Anna Graham's Noodlehead pattens.  She writes crystal clear instructions and they've always been bags I have used and used.  The Go Anywhere bag pattern has been on my computer for ages and buying this wonderful Sevenberry linen/cotton tree fabric in Fabric Rehab's recent closing down sale (same print, different colour on sale here) was the impetus to get it made.

A mix of Carolyn Friedlander's Euclid linen/cotton blend prints- available here and here for the main bag and lining.  These fabrics use Robert Kaufman Essex linen as a base so they are wonderfully stable to work with.  I used Sevenberry tree fabric for the outer pocket and some left over mid-weight denim for the outer and inner pocket linings.  The beauty of this bag is that no other hardware is needed and interacting is minimal if you use heavier fabrics like these.  To interfacing the handle and to support the pocket, I used Pellon Shape Flex SF101 (hard to find in the UK but available here).   It's the best interfacing I've used for bag making and Vieseline is not quite the same.

It's a bag of many pockets- three on the front, two at the back (as below) and one inside.

I used a tote bag most days, enough room for purse, phone, keys and groceries for whatever we are eating that evening. 

It's a straightforward pattern, my only extra tip was to try out something I saw on someone else's blog or feed ages ago (sadly I can't remember who) and use a little piece of plastic canvas to support the back of the magnetic fasteners.  The canvas is trimmed to size and fits behind the fabric and is followed by a snippet of wadding to stop the metal prods pushing into the fabric. 

As ever with Anna's patterns, I am really happy with the result and the bag has gone straight into use and compliments the amazing autumn colours this year. 

Anna's Noodlehead paper patterns are available in the UK- I found them at Minerva Crafts, Sew Hot, Pretty Fabrics and Trims and many more.   See other Noodlehead bags I've made here:


  1. Lovely, job well done and I hope it lasts and lasts for you xx

  2. lovely! I love Anna's patterns too - they are so well thought out!

  3. Love it, just perfect for this time of year. I love a big bag to get everything into. x


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