Thursday, 3 November 2016

Mini Apron FQ Stash Buster

Sometimes my two worlds collide, last week I sewed up twelve aprons for my day job running music groups for babies and children.  Our theme for the next couple of months is preparing for Christmas and we start the term with a baking song.  What better to go with our bowls and spoons than an apron for everyone to wear!

Each apron is double layered and sewn from two fat quarters and I used scraps for some of the pockets.  You can use the fat quarters either way directionally to produce different sizes although you do need to consider how the print works.   I was sewing for children from around 18 months- 4 years so I wanted a range of lengths. 
 Initially I followed this clever tutorial which produces cute curved pockets for a 'no waste' method, alongside this hand drawn infographic but after I'd sewn a few I went free style!

I turned to my stash of various ribbons and tape for the neck straps and ties and I dug into my dressmaking remnants so many aprons were backed with chambray.  

I also stitched up a special extra trimmed version as a Christmas gift (getting ready early). This would make a great gift for a child age 2-6 years, especially accompanied with a plastic mixing bowl and  spoon and maybe an easy recipe too.

I loved sewing these and I've been seeing them in use this week with my little singing bakers, adorable!


  1. These are absolutely adorable! Love each one!

  2. These little aprons are so darn cute!
    I'm planning on getting my granddaughter a play kitchen set from Ikea for Christmas, with pots, pans and dishes and this apron will be the cherry on top!
    Thanks for the link!

  3. These are gorgeous! I realised this week that M has grown out of the 'Maisy' outfit that B had when she was little so was thinking of making one for him, you have inspired me.


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