Monday, 1 August 2016

Farmer's Wife 1930s Quilt along, blocks 89 and 90, Ruby and Sara

It's feeling very close to the end so here goes another week of Farmer's Wife blocks.  I made both of these as triangle blocks as part of the twin/queen layouts in the book.  Starting with block 89, Ruby  Number 87, Prudence(p.248, letter p.91).  Wonky alignment is part of this block - many of the seams are not supposed to meet - I would probably like this block more if they did but hey ho. If you'd like to see a full size version, Jo Avery from Mybearpaw is guest blogging on this block and she english paper-pieced her Ruby block.

Fabric Credits
Riley Blake Ardently Austen Text Black
Penny Rose Fabrics Hope Chest Blossom Yellow
Penny Rose Fabrics Hope Chest Blossom Teal

Sara, block 90 (p.249, letter p.88) is another half block. The design is better showcased in a full block but I like the prettiness of these colours and the simplicity of squares and half square triangles.   The letter is a sweet read about wanting a window above the kitchen sink.  We don't have a dishwasher so washing up is done the old way in our house and I certainly appreciate the window whilst doing one of my least favourite tasks.

Fabric Credits
Kona Peony
Ayumi Takahasi for Kokka, Lighthearted, Kitchen Plaid
Ayumi Takahasi for Kokka, Lighthearted, Kitchen floral

{For both blocks, I link to sponsor shops for fabric bought from them and elsewhere for other fabrics}

A little warning with this block; as with all the blocks, if you are foundation paper piecing do take care to use a ruler and check the seam allowances.  On this block all of mine seemed to be narrower or wider than ¼".  The discrepancy may well come from some niggles in the computer software to draw the foundation blocks for the book.  Laurie hand pieced  her blocks so it may well have been missed.  Or maybe it is just a printing issue with the PDFs- whatever it is trust your ruler not the dotted lines!

Rotary Cutting 
These are for foundation piecing so are cut larger than needed.  I've included the dimensions only this week, not the quantities but it is easy to work out what you need from the book illustration. 
  • squares: cut 1 ¼"squares
  • Large Half Square Triangles : cut 3 ¼" squares (cut on-point if you want to avoid the diagonal of the triangle being on the bias), sub-cut each square into halves along the diagonals to yield 2 HSTs from each square
  • Small Half Square Triangles : cut 2 ¼" squares (cut on-point if you want to avoid the diagonal of the triangle being on the bias), sub-cut each square into halves along the diagonals to yield 2 HSTs from each square.
Top Tips for Foundation Piecing this Block
  • Pre cut all pieces
  • Use a water based glue stick e.g. Sewline, to stick the first piece of fabric on each section
  • Chain piece where possible
  • Use an index card or a Dritz seam guide to fold the paper back when trimming excess

This week, I've sewn up three new nine-patch blocks  my collection, (you can see the original idea for this quilt in that link) 22  in total.

  • You can share your farmer's wife quilt blocks with the hashtags #fw1930sqal and for these blocks either #Rubyblock or #Sarablock as well as #fw89Ruby, #fw90Sara
  • If you want me to take a look at your blocks, tag me on Instagram, I'm @verykerryberry or comment here and paste in a link to your blog
  • There's a Flickr group you can add to here.  All my Farmer's Wife 1930s blocks can be seen in this album and my 9-patch blocks in this album. 
Justine returns with for the final time as a guest blogger next Monday.  See you again next week x 


  1. You have got me wanting to do something with those ginghams!

  2. I love the soft colours in the second block!


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