Monday, 2 November 2015

Farmer's Wife QAL Blocks 15 & 16: Blossom and Bonnie

We're a couple of months into the Farmer's Wife 1930s QAL now- you can still join, all the previous posts can be found here.  Erica of Crafty Blossom/CB Handmade is guest posting for/ block 15, Blossom (p. 174, letter p.32) and I can't wait to see her fabric choices, she has such a great eye for delicate prints and colours.  Here's mine:

Fabric credits:
Brown 1930s repro- maybe Darlene Zimmermann?   It was from Sew and Quilt but now sold out. If you know leave a comment!
Purple 1930s repro- from Pretty Fabrics & Trims but now sold out.

Block 18 is Bonnie (p.175, letter p.136) or you might also know it as Scot's Plaid.  I remember including this block in 500 Quilt Blocks.  There is something rather satisfying about such a simple but effective block and it definitely suits being on point.  I followed the rotary cutting measurements for this block and pieced it in the standard way.  Like Becky, it is another opportunity for an exercise in colour and pattern composition.


Fabric credits:
Pink and Green florals- gift from Chase, neither of us know the manufacturer, such pretty 1930s colours though!

The accompanying letter is rather stirring stuff.  I am not religious but I do heed the advice to "...look for the good side...".  My default setting can be 'glass half-empty' rather than 'half-full' and I talk myself out of negative thought patterns on a daily basis.  As I walk to work, I ignore the rubbish falling out of the bins or the grey weather and instead I deliberately listen out for something pleasant- often there are a lot of birds amongst the grumble of buses driving past.- or try to find colours to admire along the way.  It sounds so corny but positive thinking, even if you are forcing yourself to do so, is good for you .  I avoid negativity too- films, books, excessive news coverage- I shut them all out.  Sometimes that's hard, I love politics and I can be a news junkie, but some days it's better not to know everything that's going on in the world or be following the rather skewed agenda of news' organisations.  UK people might be familiar with Russell Howard's Good News, he ends his irreverent programme with a feel-good story, 'It's not all Doom and Gloom', stories designed to make you cry and smile, like these, more of that please.

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You can join the quilt-along at any time, all the posts are here for you to catch up with.  Back next Monday with Tiffany from East Dakota Quilter and blocks 17 and 18.   

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  1. Great fabric choices Kerry, and I love how you have made blossom look like a tree, I am totally doing this too!

  2. Beautiful blocks- hoping catch up on my week off next week! In Blossom the brown is spot on- Darlene Zimmerman Mother's Melodies Chocolate Spot. One of my favourites.

    The florals really pop in Bonnie

  3. I particularly love what you did with Blossom. The tree is a great idea and the brown keeps the whole thing from being too "sugar sweet."


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