Thursday, 29 October 2015

October at Eternal Maker

If you follow @eternalmaker on Instagram, you'll have seen the bolts of new arrivals in every kind of fabric so for my October visit I'm jumping straight in with double gauze- always a favourite for me!  

If you haven't sewn with double gauze before, imagine two layers of fine gauze fabric held together with a tiny threads spaced throughout the weave.  It make for a soft, highly breathable fabric so I use it for dresses and short sleeve tops in the summer and shirts, tunics and even pyjamas for the winter.  It is quite delicate to work with- frays easily and suits looser shapes rather than body fitting, stuctured garments.  These ones are all by Kobayashi.  The dots haven't made it online yet (email Anna if you are interested in those but the solid colours- from l to r, petrol , wine, and dove grey are all from £3.50/quarter metre.  They do make lovely baby blankets and wraps too.
Ellen Luckett Baker designs for Kokka tend to be soft geometric patterns and her range of double gauze prints has expanded.  These have a quiet neutrality about them which makes them incredibly wearable fabrics:

This is circles in blue and the same print in mint and metallic silver.  It's also available in black and gold.   She has a triangular print called, Points available in silver and gold metallics, plus a white on white version

Queen of double gauze for me is Naomi Ito and her painterly Nani Iro prints.  A couple of new ones include 'Freeway' in grey.

And this is En Garden in pink, so painterly!

A lot of other Japanese fabrics have arrived.  This is another Nani Iro fabric but this time a knit with  plush detail.  Biscuit rare in teal.

 It is rather luxiousious, Anna posted a lovely picture of a simple infinity scarf made with this fabric and a double gauze.  It is only 65cm wide but you can buy it in 10cm increments so you can buy exactly what you need.  Also available in grey.
This navy floral cotton fabric caught my eye, the tinies creative Tuesday for Kokka

Also available in green
And to co-rordinate with it, how about some Lizzie House The Lovely Hunt yellow flowers?

Or Strawberry in pink?   You can find the rest of The Lovely Hunt fabrics here along with her other collections. 

The rest of Handcrafted 2 can be found here.  Petal in Gold is a great match for the amazing show of autumn colour we are getting in the UK at the moment- it's been a particularly good year for it.

There have been a lot of pattern arrivals, a large range of Sewaholic and Pauline Alice patterns are now available online and they are both pattern companies that I have used and liked. 
The Sewaholic Granville Shirt is a lovely fitted style with extra design details that you can add according to your preference and the sew along for this style was very detailed.

The Carme blouse is one of my favourite Pauline Alice patterns.  The instructions are excellent and the yoke/grandad collar combo is one of my wardrobe favourites (see my version here).  I keep meaning to return to this pattern, maybe this weekend it's time to do it!


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  1. Thank you so much for posting about the Carme blouse! I had not heard of this pattern and it looks just like what I've been looking for! Since you are experienced with double gauze, I wondered if you could give me your opinion. I am planning to sew up McCall's 7284 in a double gauze and wondered what your thoughts were. It looks like the model is wearing a challis, which has better drape. I'm hoping that the gathers won't pouf out too much in the double gauze. I plan to use a lightweight chambray for the yoke and shoulder pieces. As always, I enjoy reading your blog! It makes me feel like I'm a part of your projects even when I don't have time to work on my own.


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