Monday, 19 October 2015

Farmer's Wife 1930s QAL blocks 11 & 12: Bea and Becky

Welcome to week 6 in the year of Farmer's Wife 1930s Quilt Along.  I know some of you have been here from the start and some of you are joining in now- everyone is welcome!  The first block is 11, it's a basket style block called 'Bea' and Erin of Why Not Sew has written a guest post on this block, visit it here! (she'll be posting later today). Here's my version: Autumn (p.170, letter p.118).

Fabric credits:
Lecien Old New 30s Collection- given to me by a friend, found it available here.

I sewed up block 12, Becky (p.171, letter p.45), which has to be one of the easiest blocks in the book. Think of it as a week off for good behaviour!  I followed the rotary cutting measurements for this block and pieced it in the standard way.  If for any reason you prefer to foundation piece it remember the paper pattern has not been reversed to allow for the fact that you are working your block back to front.  As the block is in so many sections, each of which can be joined on separately, you will automatically make it to match the photograph so no worries there!  I found this a lovely block to concentrate on fabric choosing.  The block is really an exercise in colour and pattern composition.  The larger pieces allow for larger scale prints and a little fussy cutting.  I forgot to cut my kitty on point but  I'm happy with the end effect. 

Fabric credits:
Mint spotty fabric- Japanese cotton

The letter for this block makes me think about mindfulness.  It's all about the passing of time and how it gets faster and faster and sometimes our day to day experiences get lost in the stresses of life.  It only takes an upset- make you stop and appreciate everyone afresh and realise that all your stuff counts for nothing compared to the time you spend together.  My husband and daughter and our animals too are everything to me and I try never to forget that.  I turn down more work than I used to these days and I have no regrets.   Don't get me wrong,  I still cram in too much and work hard but I'm also prepared to walk away from things and spend time with them over everything else.   

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  • Apologies, no Periscope broadcast today.  I've lost my voice from a cold over the weekend - the perils of working with lots of young children - my vocal chords need rest and I'm not sure a silent Periscope would work either!  Back to normal next Monday and I'll cover these blocks then as well as next week's Belle and Betty.  You can read some of my thoughts on Periscope and it's potential for sewing bloggers here.
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You can join the quilt-along at any time, all the posts are here for you to catch up with.  Back next Monday with Fiona and blocks 12 and 13.   

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  1. Becky is a nice interlude - a quick and easy block after some of the blocks we have made so far. But I am finding my paper-piecing skills are improving with each block we make. Whereas, I can see you need no improvement whatsoever - your blocks are perfect.

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  3. I don't usually like basket blocks but yours is gorgeous!


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