Saturday, 28 November 2015

Knit one Purl One: Wool and the Gang Kits

Charlotte Hintzen of  By Hand London  recently got in touch as part of her new role at Wool and the Gang- she's leading a busy life working at two creative companies- and sent me a couple of the Wool and the Gang kits to try out.  I've chosen to blog about them as I liked what she sent and I thought they had great appeal to beginner knitters as well as established hat sock and jumper makers!

The first was Lil Foxy Roxy Scarf.

Here's what you get inside:

Very chunky wool, lovely quality and a  beautiful set of rosewood 15mm knitting needles.  There's also a card wallet with a needle  to weave your finished ends in and pin to adorn your finished scarf.  The whole think is beautifully packages and the thick paper parcel bag makes a handy project bag.

I was an experienced knitter.  It was one of my first ways of earning money, knitting mohair cardigans during my teenage years in the 1980s.  These days it can cause my RSI to flare up, especially on fine needles but I really miss it.  The Lil Roxy Scarf kit is just garter stitch so I thought I would make a tentative offering to my husband and teach him how to knit.  He said yes!

He's not a sewer or a knitter so this was a totally new creative experience.  However, the size of the needles and wool makes for a much easier way to teach a beginner and gives fast and forgiving results.   Before I even cast on, I showed him the Wool and the Gang videos so he could see the mechanics of the process. 

We started last Friday and last night we cast off the finished scarf.  He is genuinely thrilled with the results.  I'm just about to weave the ends in and he'll be wearing it today.   A hand knitted 100% wool chunky scarf which is as long as he is tall- he's 5'8".

I'm going to try the Bonnie Beret kit next- slow and steady and I think the thickness of the needles will help me too, meanwhile, scarf is now in action...  

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  1. Power to the male knitters! (Cool dude for going along for the ride. A real keeper!) Looks like a GREAT gift for a crafty/artistic teenager.

    1. Great idea on the teenager gift- my teenage self would’ve loved it!

  2. How fabulous! Watch out--he may steal your stash ; )

  3. So great your husband is open to new things and his scarf looks great! It's a wonderful sense of satisfaction to start and finish ~ what's he going to knit next?

  4. He's done a fabulous job, is he hooked?!


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