Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Small World: Part 6

The final part- woohoo!  Much of this section is familiar territory with pin wheels, flying geese and orange peel, all of which have featured in earlier sections.  Cindy is hosting the post on this section and although she hasn't quite got to part six she has a stunning interpretation of this quilt under construction to show you.

Meanwhile, this is my completed part six.  I raided my scrap bags for most of these blocks up using up last snippets of  many different fabrics.

For most of the blocks I used the techniques from previous sections but for the chimney building (top right) I departed from the instructions and simplified the block using fewer pieces of fabric .  Instead of half-square triangles at the roof gable, I used a large square for the building (equivalent to four of the small squares) and corner square triangles to make the gable point.  It's the same technique used for flying geese made with rectangles and squares.  It made a quicker building with less seams and the same finished shape!

You can find all the previous quilt along posts here including links to the other hosts and covering all the construction techniques. 

Here is the finished quilt top.  It's a lively mix of colours and prints and as I had the sections on a design curtain, it made it easier to ensure that I repeated prints across the different sections to give continuity points amongst the scrappiness.  I'm starting to consider the quilting.  This quilt is going on our sofa so I will be very boring and just cross hatch quilt it so it's hard wearing.  In a fantasy world I would love to hand quilt it with perle cotton but my hands can't take the strain so machine sewn it is. 

The last quilt along post will be 28th September and I hope to have mine quilted and bound by then.  Other hosts will be sharing their progress too and you can see more on the Instagram hashtag #mysmallworldqal.  For those who are still looking for a copy of Quiltmania Spring Special, do watch out for people selling copies as they complete their quilts, again I think the IG hashtag is the most likely place for this.  I hope you are progressing well and remember that the quilt along posts will still be here when the quilt-along is finished.

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  1. That is just magnificent. You and your family will enjoy exploring the details, the fabric snippets and the chaotic cosy wonder of this quilt for years to come.

  2. This is so great! I am working on Part 4 of mine. I'm a bit behind but your posts keep me working at it! Thanks so much.

  3. This is absolutely stunning. x

  4. I like your idea of just cross hatch quilting. What thread color do you think you will use?

    1. Hi Johanna, I'll use either cream or light grey, cream would be great for the sky section so that is the most likely choice.

  5. its so wonderful Kerry - I'm still on part 5 but hope to finish this weekend so I can start part 6 !!! so excited to be close to the end !! I'm going to hand quilt mine with some FMQ on the sky part - can't wait till its finished !

  6. I'm one of those people that has never found the Spring Issue of Quilt Mania. A woman in the UK offered her magazine to me, but it was written in French. Not too good in the French language.
    So, I'm still wishen and hopen that I see one for sale. Any info. please contact. Thanks, Bobbie


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