Friday, 25 September 2015

Blue Brumby Skirt Review

This make has been sitting in a back log of projects waiting to be blogged, meanwhile, I'm aware that whilst the sun is out for the next few days in a glorious end to September, Autumn is kicking in!  The notable thing about making the Brumby skirt, pattern by Megan Nielsen, is that all the instructions can be followed from the Megan Nielsen pattern app and I did just that.

It's a straightforward make and you can view each step of construction on the app.  Notable features a shaped waistband, deep pockets and an exposed zip.  The shorter version of the skirt is based on a rectangle shape, the mid calf view is made with shaped, slightly A-line pattern pieces and the pattern includes separate skirt pattern pieces for each.   I bought it as a download.  I didn't find the pattern pieces especially easy to navigate so that I could print particular pieces and I know Megan is thinking of adding a pattern pieces map at the start of the app but I can't see it yet.  I made size S and lengthened the skirt by a couple of inches.  The fabric is a light weight denim, left over from my 70s style trousers!

I am a little unsure about the gathers all round my waist.  I like how it looks in these pics but in everyday wear I found that much bulk around my midriff a little uncomfortable.  I might modify it to have no gathers at the sides but it was great use for a small remnant of fabric.  Clogs are from Lotta of Stockholm, they were seconds and that section is always worth checking out!
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  1. It looks gorgeous! I love the gathering and those pockets!

  2. Looks great - if you are a thin pin - which you are.

  3. Gorgeous skirt.... You almost make me want to put my non-existent dressmaking skills to the test!

  4. It looks like the perfect skirt to wear for a walk on the long as it's not windy!

  5. Loving the skirt and blog. I am looking to make Tilly's Delphine skirt first then this one. Can you please let us know what's you got your gorgeous zip pull? X

    1. Thankyou! The pull was a gift from a friend, you can find them from Japanese or Korean sewing suppliers, Etsy is probably the best place


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