Friday, 15 August 2014

August at Village Haberdashery

It is always good to start with an offer on my monthly visits to sponsor shops and Annie at Village Haberdashery has a free fat quarter offer than runs until 19th August.  For every £10 spent online or in person at the shop, you will receive a  free fat quarter- you can choose if you shop in store, surprise for online shopping.
New arrivals in the shop include Indellible from Katerina Roccella at the Art Gallery team.  I am seeing these prints everywhere on Instagram at the moment!

It is a great mix of scale, colours and textures in the prints.  I think Spirodraft is my favourite.

I rather like Sarah Watson for Cloud 9 new range, Arcadia, particularly the smaller ditsy 'Tumbling' prints which are great for background fabrics in paper piecing.  Anna is stocking the Aqua colour way

If you are thinking ahead to cooler weather, Rae Hoekstra's Fanfare flannel collection (also for Cloud 9) is very cute, a mix of solids and small scale patterns - it perfect for children's wear (and adults, PJ pants please!) and for simple cuddly quilts- large squares would be simple and very effective.  I really like this colour palette-orchid purple and mustard gold together is a big thumbs up from me.

My love of Nani Iro fabrics is well documented here.  This is a cotton sateen fabric from her most recent collection, Shine Many Ways Saran. You can get a feel for how the fabric looks in clothing from Toni's post from Frances' Nani Iro month

Sateen has more floating threads than a standard under/over weave which makes for a more satiny polished finish, smooth and silky cotton, making it lovely to wear.  It can catch and snag with those threads floating on top so I would use this for tops over bottoms like trousers, and it would gather beautifully for a dress.  A rather luxurious fabric!  You can see other sateen fabrics in the shop here.  There's another beautiful sateen fabric that I was very taken with, Jubilee in Angelfish, a Kokka fabric.

It's worth taking a closer look at this print here and clicking on the various picture links as there are details in the print that you can't see in this pic.
My eye was drawn to a few random fabrics that were new to me and are flying solo in the shop, with no other direct co-ordinates, starting with this bright Planet Buzz plaid:

Easy to co-ordinate with those colours running through the checks:  My suggestions are

 More plaid but yarn dyed plaid from Robert Kaufman fabrics and aimed at clothing as well as dressmaking, Studio Stash Yarn Dyed Large Plaid in Charcoal:

If you were thinking of clothing, remember to allow extra fabric to match the plaid, half a yard should do it.  I then saw this Stylish Sheep print, can't believe how well it goes with the plaid!  Available in other colours too.

For a bit of cuteness how about this cat print by Dawn Bishop and from Dashwood studios,

Which coincidentally looks like it will play rather nicely with this Tangram print from Rashida Coleman Hale's Moonlit collection for Cotton + Steel:

And to finish, this pattern caught my eye, Focal Quilt by the wonderful Carolyn Friedlander.


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