Saturday, 23 August 2014

August at Eternal Maker

Anna and the team at Eternal Maker have been working very long hours not only to attend Festival of Quilts a couple of weeks back but also to expand the Eternal Maker bricks and mortar shop experience to include a bakery- The Eternal Baker of course and add a yarn department and knitting club.  You can see a few pics here on their blog and I am just borrowing a pic here to show their delightful hexagon yarn shelving!

You can see wool and crochet and knitting kits here.  It really is one of those shops that I long to visit in person!  But meanwhile, I am off on a virtual trip and- although it pains me to say it- I have to admit as I write this in dimmish light that the summer is on its way and hints of autumn are showing in the UK.  So thinking warmth- temperature and colours, and starting with some Charley Harper Bank Swallow cotton flannel

It's a great print from Birch fabrics, I love the little nest feature in the cream dots amongst the Charley Harper swallows.  Great for PJ pants, pillow cases, cot sheets- all warm snuggly uses!  There is a companion print, Twig Fall, in teal and also in a rich tomato red:

A new one for me is a brushed cotton/linen blend, from Kokka of course and very much their style with the graphic elephant print available in pink, turquoise and red:  

Other elephant prints can be found here and here.
A little Nani Iro brushed cotton can't be passed over in my virtual tour of the warm and snuggly.  This Bird's Eye print in lilac is calling out to me to be made into a simple long dress with pockets for when the weather really turns cold.

Eternal Maker have an extensive cute and quirky button collection and some truly amazing animal buttons.  These bunnies are the cutest thing:

They are pricey, but buying one as a feature for a simple cardigan or bag fastening could be justified.  See cats, mice and more mice too and a cheaper option here.
I think of corduroy as an autumn fabric.  Light enough to be a shirt, heavy enough to be trousers or a skirt or even a quilt backing for some weighty warm luxury.  This blue Japanese Kiyohara pincord caught my eye:

And the less restrained Kokka Cream cats pin cord got my attention too, I imagine this in a little jumper dress:

And thinking of quilt making, I couldn't miss the richly coloured Plum Pudding Kona bundle

And I also could not miss giving this doggy themed bundle (curated by Daisy) a mention- I think these fabrics are only available in this bundle so it may well be a last chance option if doggies are your thing- the bone print is hilarious!  I would happily make a simple squares quilt for my dog Lottie from this bundle.

And whilst I am on a doggy theme, let's finish our trip with a brilliant dog themed fabric, Scottie Houndstooth from Michael Miller.

The quilts are out tonight, I believe a frost is forecast in some parts of the UK.  That's going to make for a nippy start to the car boot sale tomorrow!
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  1. because of you I have added "go to a car boot sale" to my bucket list LOL!!

  2. Loving the hexie shelving, and that Nani Iro!

  3. Ohh I must add go to Eternal Maker in person too on my list for some point soon! Loving the Charley Harper print but I must resist and be good....

  4. I adore that honeycomb shelving. And the cord. And the buttons..! I hope you do make a winter dress from the Nani Iro brushed cotton as I really want to see it!

  5. Such a beautiful shop and love the hexies shelves!


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