Sunday, 22 December 2013

Darling Ranges Catch Up

 It feels like an age since I made these.  It was in fact early mid September and there was still a little sun around and enough warmth to bare a little skin.  Megan Nielsen put a shout out for pattern testers some time ago and I got an email to test the tweaked PDF version of Darling Ranges Dress.  It had been modified and a bonus tunic/shirt pattern was added.  That is what I started with.
I was pretty sceptical at the tunic pattern in theory as it had no darts so I was expecting this to become a Pyjama top but I was very pleasantly surprised with the simplicity of this and how effective it was.  I made a size S, I had already done a small bust adjustment on the bodice and the darts are not sewn for this shirt, extended the sleeves and added an elastic cuff using method 2 from Megan's tutorials.
The fabric came from Al, not quite sure what it is- a little viscose or rayon is in there and it dries really fast- what it does have is great drape for a light weight fabric and that's essential for this top- no quilting cotton for this one, it needs drape.
Then on to the Darling Ranges dress.  Size S with added back darts.  I took it in a little at the waist- about ½" on each side and I also added the waist ties.  It is an easy, relaxed fit. 
I placed all the gathers to the centre front and back so the hips are smooth as I know this suits me.
The fabric was Flumes by Sarah Watson for Art Gallery, the Luxe in Bloom range.   Art Gallery cottons are a lovely weight for dresses and have a silkier feel than most quilting cottons.  I used 2.5 metres to make this dress. There was a great little circle pattern to fussy cut for the fabric covered buttons.  They are also so easy to make- tute here.
And my little helper was on hand to photo bomb the pics.
Megan took all the pattern testers' comments on board and tweaked the pattern further and it was a pleasure to test for her.  You can find all her PDF patterns here.
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  1. Great job missus! And who would you have to look at in your 'gazes off to the left' shots without your helper ;o)

  2. Love it all ~ especially the shirt ~ looks so comfy. And then, of course, your puppy and your beautiful hair!

  3. Love the dress, it looks great. I haven't ventured into clothes making yet, not feeling brave enough. happy Christmas.

  4. Gorgeous Kerry! The pretty blue suits you so well. Have a lovely Christmas xx

  5. Ooh, I love the tunic version! I hadn't seen this yet, and your version of the dress reminds me yet again that I need to make one for myself. It's fantastic fabric.
    Hope you have a great holiday :-)


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