Sunday, 15 December 2013

December at Seamstar

Courtney has a new wintery range in at Seamstar, 'Annali' by Stephanie Thannhauser
Available as a bundle of 7 prints, and there separate co-ordinating plain bundle too
Lovely mix of colours and sketchy drawings and motifs- 'Scandi'
And it is designed in the UK, this multi directional pattern is called 'Small Twig'.  See the other prints in this collection here.
I like the idea of a double sided lawn scarf- soft and warm. without bulk  The lawn selection can be found here.
This meadow print would look lovely with a contrasting binding or even mini pom poms
or these to match the background.
If you are buying any haberdashery this Christmas, let me draw your attention to these little beauties
Fiskars Soft touch Micro scissors. I've just had these from Courtney and they are the sharpest snips I have ever used with some real power behind them.  They are especially good at notching (cutting out little triangles in a curved seam) which as dress makers, toy maker and bag makers will know, is a tedious job.  The spring saves on hand strain and the tips are incredibly precise.- I cannot recommend them more highly.  Here are mine in use notching a pocket facing.
I can never have enough pairs of good scissors: fact.
Enjoy x
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  1. I want/ need all of these esp the scissors they sound great, now where's hubby!

  2. Good news about the scissors, as you say, bane of my life!

  3. Love that Scandi style collection. I have a pair of those scissors for my paper crafting and they are brilliant :o)

  4. I can vouch for those micro-tip scissors too. I bought my first pair 15 years ago when I was scrapbooking, and now that I'm sewing, they are my only small scissor (they do my nipping, notching, clipping, all that). They are especially good for releasing Legos stuck down tight to Lego boards and other Legos. They would have lasted forever if I hadn't used them for some other extraordinary purpose (can't remember what), and the tip bent a little. So I've replaced them with the titanium tip ones, which was just $5 more!

  5. Beautiful fabrics.I have to try to make a scarf!


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