Sunday, 8 December 2013


Its that time of year when all crafters are busy making for family, friends and fairs.  I am in the midst of family present making so I thought I would do a quick post with my Christmas free makes and tutorials plus a few patterns in case you were looking for a project (surely you haven't enough on your plate!).
Free mat tutorial here

And elsewhere, I have seen two ideas that have really caught my eye.  Lynne has a daily Quilt Barn Advent Calendar to download, colour in and make. (Lynne's photo below).
Reene of Nellies Niceties has a stunning free Animal Crackers Tree Skirt pattern which is totally adorable. (Reene's photo below). 
I am currently stitching two large floor cushions for my brother and nephew- the tastes of an 8 year old and a 32 year old are surprisingly similar.  My brother requested a Mondrian randomness to a squares design plus some chambray-I then saw Elizabeth's Catvent quilt along and fused the two ideas by substituting the basic cat block for some of the squares.  This looks like it is random but I drew out my design on Touchdraw first so I knew what to cut and where it was all going.  There is lots of fussy cutting, cute fabrics and little in jokes.  The cat fabric is the new Lizzy House Cat Nap range- soon to be available here  I think (I bought a quilt market bundle from Annie).
Don't forget there is still time to get your 10% Liberty fabric discount at Jo's shop with the code VERYKERRY10 (expires 15th Dec)
And last but by no means least, Kerry's Very Berry Christmas Cake Recipe.  A rustic cake for marzipan lovers (chunks of marzipan baked inside), squidgy deliciousness, dairy free (optional), no need to ice and can be baked close to Christmas- it doesn't need dressing with booze.  Happy making xxx

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  1. What a lovely post full of festivy goodness!

  2. Oh Kerry, this post just reminded me that I need to get out my runner made with your Winter Woolies pattern!

  3. Thanks for including my tree skirt in this festive edition :) I'm thinking I need to dig out the Winter Warmers pattern again if I get time!

  4. I was with you right up to the cake without booze, honestly, that and the Christmas pudding and brandy butter are the best ways to sneak booze into the day ;o)

  5. There is allowance for booze in the cake for grams into cups. I like the idea of marzipan chunked up inside.
    great holiday ideas!

  6. Dang spell-check. It deleted whole words from above comment...
    Meant to say - I will need to break out my conversion chart for grams into cups.

    2nd time - fantastic holiday makes!

  7. I remember that cake from last year. Can you post again in late January when I'll have room for some more? Lovely makes, I'm tempted by the tree skirt.

  8. such great projects! love the winter woolies and candy cane. and the cake looks delicious too.

  9. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous projects, Kerry! It's especially lovely that they're relatively quick makes. No full quilts there. :))

  10. There are lots of gorgeous ideas for Christmas :) Thanks!!!


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