Sunday, 1 December 2013

Love Liberty Local

I am lucky living where I do.  Its a pretty little city, a short drive from the beach and has the bonus of a friend selling Liberty so should I ever run short, I am only minutes away from a carefully curated supply!  
Jo, aka 'A Life in Lists' has been running her Etsy shop for some years now and her choice of prints is sublime, just the right mix of new and traditional.  It can be a fine line with Liberty between edgy digital prints and old lady chic and Jo is definitely on the right side of this.  She is becoming a part time sponsor here, a new occasional position for small businesses, and has 10% discount up for grabs for my blog readers  with the code VERYKERRY10 (expires 15th December) and she ships worldwide.   Having had the pleasure of seeing all the stock in person in Jo's sewing room I shall take you round her virtual shop, starting with charm packs.  The 'Random' pack is a great place to begin, a quality street, bit of everything selection of 36 x 5" squares:
She also has a beautiful low volume pack which contains many of my favourite quieter prints.  This one literally makes me sigh:
She has a similar but more masculine and modern grey/blue charm pack. 
See what I mean about her stock choices!  If you see anything you like in a small cut that you have suddenly decided you must have more of for clothing or quilting or whatever , let Jo know and she just might be able to get hold of it for you.  I see prints in her shop that I don't see in elsewhere!
If a charm pack is not enough for you, there is the bundle option, 8 fat eighth cuts of your choice, (there is also a 4 option and a mega 18 colour wheel option:
I think my favourite classic print is this green Betsy.  I've used it in my Diamond Ring Quilt (post on that coming very soon) and as a trim on clothing.  The colours are beautiful, I am always drawn to those aqua and green tones, and this is the right level of ditsy floral for me. 
Equally stunning in grey, Betsy
 There are prints aimed at children, small scale cute motifs with huge appeal to children and grown up 40 something women too.  This is called 'Cars', you'd never have guessed right?
Hello Kitty, another Liberty favourite for children and adults.  I saw a toddler child in one of my classes with this fabric as her coat lining!
Or this in Hello Kitty in navy (I have some of this secreted away…)
This is a larger scale print from the annual art range- different 'personalties' designing for Liberty, this is Ornithology by Edwyn Collins from Autumn/Winter 2011.
More art prints, 'Philippa' by Grayson Perry- lots of little bicycles and this print is named after Grayson's wife.  I've made a tunic from this print, great for clothing.
A more recent collaboration is with Jamie Oliver and Rachael Pedder-Smith, this print is called 'Truly Scrumptious' also available on a dark navy background. 
This is one of their more unusual prints with huge amounts of detail which in my head works for quilting and clothing and is a long way from the traditional designs. 'Flora Bo D'
And here are some of Jo's prints in action with Oakshott's Impressions and Quilter's linen in grey: my just finished Liberty Diamond Ring quilt.
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  1. Wow your diamond ring quilt is gorgeous. I bought some of that bird print from Jo ages ago. Too good to resist!

  2. I'm rather jealous you can just pop round to visit that!

  3. Your new quilt is stunning! It looks so softly coloured - beautiful. x

  4. Lucky you having all that beautiful fabric just around the corner! Your quilt is amazing Kerry, love how you quilted it too - absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Fabulous fabric selection and I love how the centre of your quilt looks like the facets of a diamond.

  6. Your Diamond Ring is spectacular!It`s great have fabrics shop near.The nearest quilt shop in my area is about 100km.Have a fun week!!

  7. what a stunning quilt Kerry - I absolutely love it. This would be my choice for Quilt of the Year :-)

  8. Gorgeous quilt! Love that you used gray in combination with the rest. Thanks for showing all the fabrics from your friend's shop. Really nice to have the shop so near.


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