Monday, 7 October 2013

Village Stash Society

Annie is full of ideas at Village Haberdashery to keep the shop and stock fresh and packed with variety.  Her latest plan is a Village Stash Society: a colour of the month club which you can dip into without commitment for a single month, maybe when you are low on a particular colour; or sign up for a year, receive a package every month to boost your stash and the last month is free! 

You can get an idea of the sort of rainbow blenders that Annie stocks above.  October is light blue and there is a huge range of club options from 10 FQs or 10 1/2 metres- all modern designer fabrics- to 6 organic colour FQs or 1/2 metres, or if you are feeling really flash and your stash is low, a combination of both!  Available UK, Europe and worldwide, Annie has all the info here, to receive the October 'Light Blue' fabrics, you must sign up by 10th October.  After that date you will receive the November colour 'Red'.
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