Friday, 25 October 2013

500 Quilt Blocks on sale here!

You can now buy 500 Quilt Blocks direct from me here and it will be sent 2nd class complete with a free bookplate.

There are three cover options-
1. Softback £8 (far left in photo)
2. Hardback with blue cover £10 (middle in photo),
3. Hardback with green cover £10 (far right)
Plus p+p £2 for either option, UK only.  Each book includes a free book plate sticker.  These are signed by both Lynne and I, measure 35mm x 54mm and were printed by Moo.  Colours selection will be random.
You can also buy a sticker for a copy of 500 Quilt Blocks that you have purchased elsewhere and have it sent anywhere in the world- price includes postage.

Sent in UK £1.50
Sent to Europe £2.00
Sent World (USA, AUS etc) £2.50
You can email me- (click the envelope)  stating what you would like to buy and who you would like you sticker made out to.  I will email you back and payment can be paid directly by Paypal or I can invoice you via Paypal.  All the info is on a designated page  right here.  Thankyou!
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  1. I finally got my 500 quilt blocks ~ thought it would never come! There's so much information in it and I think I'm just going to start at the beginning and work my way through each block!
    Oh, mine has a blue cover ~ love it!

  2. Well tomorrow I'm posting on my blog about dipping my toe into 500 quilt blocks. I'm telling you, it is a great book.


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