Monday, 28 October 2013

October at Saints and Pinners

It's half term week over much of the UK at the moment so I was thinking of activities on my visit to Saints and Pinners for this month- remember 20% discount automatically taken off all purchases over £10.  With Halloween, Nov 5th and Christmas prep all coming up, my eye was drawn to the beautiful Nancy Nicholson decoration kits, sphere baubles

Little City, 10 buildings and 6 tree pack
And the beautiful bird tapestry kit which comes with fabric to make a sampler book to learn and practice the different  stitches used in the tapestry
That little journey lead me to animal fabric, Zoo Menagerie- Lions
and then on to Cloud 9, Pod
Cloud 9 Pearl which I have never noticed before and really like!
and if you feel like a bit of everything, scrap rolls in mixed coloursand yellow/orange, pink/red and green/blue
Happy half-term if you are busy keeping the troops busy x  
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  1. Really lovely paper decorations. Wonder if they're in the US?
    Love the scrap rolls ~ think I need a few!


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