Monday, 21 October 2013

October at Seamstar

I am just starting my Christmas gift prep and Alicia Paulson's seasonal ornament patterns are going to form a key part of this.
I've made one and I think I have at least seven more to go.  Alicia's patterns are delightful, I love the level of detail but don't expect to make them fast, they are a process to enjoy and labour over whilst adding those extra little details.  She recommends National Non Wovens felt.  I have used this for Maggie Rabbit and it is wonderful stuff but it is hard to get hold of and it is expensive.  For these ornaments, I took a look at Courtney's felt selection at Seamstar.  It is a little thinner but still very pleasurable to work with and a soft supple mix of wool and viscose.  The bundle I chose was a mini roll of pastel.
 These are the colours with no filter taken on a sunny day.  Lovely 30s style shades.  She sells seasonal bundles too.  I was very tempted by Berries as I thought is would also make pretty winter coat decorations.
And Autumn has great leaf and tree colours.
Halloween could be what you need for Autumn
Christmas Lights is very pretty with the addition of pink
Christmas Day has a traditional colour palette
There are some lovely fabric hampers which combine felt with fabrics and trim.  This is called Modern selection with Lotta Jansdotta fabrics.
And here is another, Quirky, if you want some colour that packs a bit more punch.
Courtney has continued to add more links to the website and there are great projects including Christmas decorations and a Christmas Stocking on her shop blog. 
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  1. I somehow 'knew' you were sewing posies' ornaments.
    My favorite is the little girls head popping up over the bed clothes.

  2. I love the little coat you've sewn. I've been wanting to try Alicia's patterns so now I really must. The NNW felt is excellent but tricky to get hold of, as you say. Felt is a subject dear to my heart, I make a lot of 1940's style posies, and I've spent a lot of time rooting out the best. It's a pleasure to use once you find the good stuff!

  3. Oh how gorgeous, I certainly want some of these lovelies on my tree this year - adorable. I agree about the felt, have bought from Seamstar myself and found the felt good to work with. A wonderful post as always, thanks so much
    Lots of love

  4. Kerry you caught me in a moment of weakness! I not only have bought your book but also some of those gorgeous patterns! Well I have more Christmas makes to come then!


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