Monday, 26 August 2013

Double Gauze Chardon

This summer has been perfect for dressmakers.  Summer dresses and skirts that would barely get an outing in the last couple of years have been promoted to wardrobe essentials.  I used some Nani Iro Pon Pocho double gauze from Eternal Maker to make a Deer and Doe Chardon skirt.  
Lula took the snaps and they were very much on the move as we were en route to meet a friend and her children.  The print comes with an irregular border pattern on the selvedges which are perfect for the back bow belt and pocket detail.
As with all Deer and Doe patterns, I found the cut and the fit were spot on.   Their pattern pieces fit together beautifully every time.   This is a straightforward skirt, you only need to measure your waist- and I am talk about your proper waist where you bend either side, and with the style, no practice run was needed.  The side pockets are generous and placed quite low, just where they need to be for walking with your hands in your pockets.  
The bag was made a few years back, pattern from Pochee magazine vol 7 spring 2009 (you can find this magazine on Etsy/ebay from time to time).
I have worn the skirt a lot.  It is great to travel in, floaty and light but not sheer and a pretty feminine style.  Double gauze worked well as it hangs nicely and doesn't create bulk at the waist box pleats. 
I added cotton tape at each box pleat to add support (pics 1 and 2 right to left below) and I also added a light woven interfacing when I inserted the back zipper (not shown) and prettied up the waistband facing edge and the hem with Liberty lawn from a thrifted shirt (pic 3 below.
Fabric: Nani Iro Pon Pocho in blue.  I used 1.75m
Size: 10
Length: cut to the longest length of largest size and added 1/2"
Box pleat: reinforced with 3/8" cotton tape and top stitched 1/8" either side
Waist Facing: graded (layered) the seam allowance and under stitched (where the facing is stitched to the seam.  And top stitched on outside front edge only. Secured facing to zip and side seams.
Hem: used bias strip as facing
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  1. What a pretty skirt! I love the on the go pics too! I bet Lulu had fun taking them!

  2. Great skirt. Loved the next post explaining more about double gauze too. I think it would be fab for me to try making a skirt as often I find that quilting weight fabric doesn't hang right and voile is too see through.

    1. It does have the best of both worlds in many ways. The only thing to watch is inserting a zip- I wouldn't use an invisible zip- too much strain, a standard centred zip works better with a little light intrefacing on the seams. Double gauze doesn't take well to unpicking either so I pinned and basted my zip.

  3. Wow, this skirt is fab and you look great in it. Love the tie at the back, and the pockets. You picked the perfect fabric for it too.

  4. Cute skirt and I love how you put your outfit together : )

  5. Lovely skirt and lovely smile! It does a body good to have some fine weather to wear the pretties, eh? :D

  6. Love that skirt and you are right at least we can get to wear our hardwork this year. Jo x

  7. Great skirt and I *LOVE* the photos - looks like you had lots of fun!

  8. this is the prettiest skirt! you just convinced me to try double gauze cotton sometime.

  9. Very cute skirt, Kerry! You've really taken to garment-making (like a fish to water) - and you do such a lovely job!

  10. You look amazing as usual! You make every pattern look like worth snatching up!

  11. I love your chardon! I want to make one exactly like yours :)


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